Title: Third Time's a Charm -- part 1
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Yohji/Aya
Warning: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: Just having some fun with the boys. No harm intended...

* * * * * * * * * *

It was late. Long legs staggered up the steps, as quietly as possible. Of course, it would have helped if the upper body didn't hit heavily into the wall more than once or twice. Yohji finally stopped and put a finger to his lips, "Shhhh! Want to wake the whole house? Baka!"

That lean frame accidentally slammed into Aya's door, the wind blowing from the willowy assassin's lungs, "Argh! Baka!"

Aya had woken the moment he heard Yohji stumble in. He could tell from the sounds that the idiot was drunk again. He sighed, turning over and trying to sleep. It was hard enough to sleep in this heat, without drunk blonds stumbling into walls at 3am. The crash as Yohji fell against his door was the last straw. He jumped out of bed, clad only in long loose silk pants, and flung open the door. "Damn it, Yohji. Can't you control your own body?"

The man in question was in the middle of lighting a cigarette as the portal opened. His slightly glazed eyes met Aya's reddened face before traveling inevitably lower, taking in the corded muscles of the younger man's chest and abdomen. Yohji's questing gaze was blocked, frustratingly so, by the silk pajama bottoms. The lit cylinder moved to the side of his mouth as he drawled out slowly, "Morning, Aya."

"No, Yohji, it's still night. Good night would be the right term." Aya tried to keep the look of disdain from his face as he took in Yohji's disarray. How the hell could the man look so good while looking so hedonistic? His pants rode scandalously low, a leather belt circling the slim hips, and an expanse of smooth skin was revealed between the pants and the crop top. A top made of mesh that concealed nothing.

Both long mesh-encased arms went over the golden-haired man's head as he stretched languidly. Throwing his head back revealed, at the side of his neck, a long smear of fire-engine red lipstick just at the neckline of the shirt. Yohji looked at the redhead and smiled felinely, "All alone tonight, Aya?"

The blond's smile and his smoky voice made Aya's body tighten. No, he wouldn't let Yohji get to him like this... no matter how deliciously wanton he looked, how much his body begged to be touched... Aya focused on the smear of lipstick as he tried to fight the arousal welling up in him. "Obviously."

Yohji leaned in close, green eyes studying his team mate, "Tonight, last night, the night before, and all the nights before that... Why do you do this to yourself, Aya? You could have just about any one you wanted in that bed," he murmured huskily, his gaze flicking over Aya's shoulder to the object in question in the room behind him. His tongue moistened his lower lip in a seductive sweep before he smirked, "Or are you bound and determined to prove that you are, indeed, asexual?"

Asexual was definitely one thing Aya was *not* feeling right then. He kept a tight rein on his arousal, however, lest Yohji glance down and see the true effect he had. He covered his desire with contempt. "Perhaps I don't feel the need to validate my own existence in someone else's arms."

By the lack of heated reaction, the barbed comment seemed to have gone over Yohji's head, "You can't be so cold *all* the time... I bet *I* could warm up that cold heart of yours." The beautiful assassin reached out and ran gentle fingers over Aya's frowning lips, "You're probably a wildcat between the sheets, aren't you? All teeth and nails and yowls of pleasure..."

Growling to cover the extreme temptation he was under, Aya pulled back. "Speculation, Yohji. A waste of time. Teammates shouldn't be lovers."

The words didn't deter the blond and he stepped in after the lovely redhead, "Nothing about that in the rulebook, Aya." The hand that had been touching the soft lips moved to the back of the shorter man's neck. The swordsman was pulled close, against Yohji's chest, and a warm mouth that tasted of smoke, liquor, and wanton desire descended on Aya's lips. The beautiful man devoured those lips hungrily, prying them open, tasting the sweet heat within.

Aya froze; this was just like a dream, one of his fevered late night fantasies. Yohji kissing him, Yohji touching him... he relaxed, almost returning the kiss, when he realized what he was doing. As much as his body may have wanted this, he could taste the liquor in the other man's mouth and he knew this overture was driven only by drunkenness. He didn't want it this way. He pushed Yohji away, glaring.

It wasn't enough to keep him back. That glare only made Aya look sexier. Yohji tightened his grip at the shorter man's neck and pulled him close again, "What happened? You were enjoying it, Aya... Why'd you push me off?"

"Let. Go. Of me. NOW," hissed Aya, channeling the desire he felt into anger. "Or I'll break your fucking wrist. You're drunk. You don't know what you're doing. Go sleep it off."

The anger in that voice gave the blond pause. He looked down, into those near violet eyes, studying them intently. When he spoke again, his voice was low and dripped with sensuality, "Would it be different if I were sober, Aya?"

Aya glared back, trying to ignore the pull of that sexy voice. "You'll never know, will you, Yohji?"

That little grouping of words sent a blaze of anger through the green-eyed blond. He took Aya's wrists in both of his and pinned them to the wall above the redhead. Yohji held them there as he looked over that beautiful lean body. "A pity, you know," he drawled out slowly, his voice lowering even more. He leaned in close enough that the other man could smell the mix of alcohol, cigarette smoke, sweat, and Yohji's own scent, "Someday... I'm going to break through that rigid ice... Then, maybe I'll see the real you."

Reluctantly, Yohji let him go and turned around, putting a cigarette to his lips as he went out the door, "G'night, Aya." Inside, the blond assassin was so much more unsettled than his outward appearance gave. He'd wanted to try a little taste of Ran Fujimiya for a long time and now... He didn't think he could get addicted to someone after only one kiss, but if Aya had been kissing back? He ran long fingers through his hair, "Kuso..."

Aya watched him go, cursing the feelings the beautiful man had awakened in him. His muscles were trembling and his cock ached, hard as a rock. Luckily Yohji hadn't noticed that. But now he was sweaty and horny and unable to sleep. He slammed the door and threw himself face down on the bed, moaning softly as he erection rubbed against the silk of his pants.

Further down the hall, another door closed much more quietly and Yohji leaned back against it. He took a long pull off his cigarette and closed his eyes. *Damn it all...* One hand reached down and undid the button fly of his jeans, releasing some of the constricting pressure on his erection. He'd been half-hard most of the night, but that little interlude with Aya had his body tense and as unyielding as solid steel. He looked down at himself, hanging out of the pants, and smirked. At least he could take care of this...

Aya groaned as he tried to ignore the pressure of his arousal. Damn Yohji... he rocked his hips slowly, trying to relieve the pressure. It only worsened.

The redhead's taste was still on his lips, on his tongue, and Yohji sighed. He moved to his bed, kicking off his boots, and sat down on the edge of it. Throwing his lean frame back, he looked at his cock standing upright over him and gave another little smile. One hand, the one that didn't have the cigarette, wrapped around it and gave a slow run upwards. Yohji was always amazed at how the flesh there felt - hard but as soft as crushed velvet. There was a low sigh as he repeated the action, making his body tingle with blinding need, "... Aya..."

Aya rocked again, his hard length caressed by the slightly rough silk, teasing friction not enough for release. He rolled over, pulling the drawstring of his pants, letting them fall open. The image of Yohji came to him unbidden, and he reached for his aching cock.

The clear honey of Yohji's desire rolled down from the tip, trailing a path over the backs of his fingers, and the hand moved again. The blond let pictures of his beautiful team-mate come to mind. The sight of Aya without a shirt never seemed to fail and, now that he'd actually seen it, Yohji was going to hold onto that mental eye-candy. His thumb rasped over the tip of his heated flesh, making him give up a harsh moan.

Gods... Yohji in those pants was enough to make a corpse hard. Did the man have any idea what he did to Aya? No, he didn't, because if he did, he would never have left. Aya tightened his grip on his hard cock, stroking slowly, imagining the blond's mouth on him. How did he know that Yohji would give expert blowjobs?

Arching his back, Yohji couldn't help but throw himself into the act of pleasuring his own body. He was a creature of sexual need. A body of nothing but nerves, hormones, and lust. His mind gave him images of Aya licking at his nipples, biting on them enough to leave marks, and the idea of it made him groan uncontrollably. His fingers tightened on that column of flesh, pulling more of his fluids to the tip, "... beautiful Aya... don't stop..."

Efficiently, roughly, Aya stroked his cock. He was thrusting up into his own hand now, pinching his own nipples savagely. Yohji filled his mind. Yohji's mouth, that smart, dirty mouth, wrapped around his cock, sucking, licking. Aya moaned more loudly than he intended. "Fuck... Yohji..."

Just once, Yohji wanted to see Aya brought to his knees, made crazy with passion. He imagined himself over the redhead, taking his erection into his mouth, sucking on it, licking it, scraping it with the barest hint of teeth. Yohji could only imagine how Aya would taste... He wanted that flavor so badly. His hand started stroking faster along his length, a little more roughly, dreaming that it was actually his team-mate's hand on him. He bit his lower lip as it began to build inside of him - churning, seething, coming to a boil.

Yohji thought Aya had no feelings.... but he had too many. Most of them about his golden haired teammate. But he couldn't give in, couldn't let his feelings show... because he could never tuck them away again when inevitably Yohji would tire of him. Aya stroked faster, breath coming in harsh pants, visions of naked Yohji in his mind.

Faster still, Yohji's hand nearly flew over his cock. So much need, all wrapped up in him, longing for someone to satisfy him enough that he could stop wandering from bed to bed. In truth, it wasn't nearly as many as he'd let his comrades believe, but that still wasn't too far off the mark. Yohji dreamt of Aya's mouth traveling down his chest, over the taut ab muscles, moving lower... "Oh, God, Aya... Please..."

Aya thrust into his hand, imagining it was Yohji's tight body, spreading his legs apart, so close... he wanted Yohji, wanted a chance to make him forget everyone else.

How he wished that tense body would yield to him. Yohji dreamt of rolling the redhead over, plundering the inner recesses of his body, making him shudder and cry out. To finally see that loss of control would send him over the edge. Just imagining it had nearly the same effect and Yohji arched his hips even higher, his cock rigidly pulsing, and white ribbons of need flew from him. His own breath caught in his chest as he tried to force his body to remember what the act of breathing was.

Aya stroked faster, so close he could taste it, taste Yohji still in his mouth... all he could think of was that hard body against his, how Yohji would look, naked and writing under him. He ran a hand over his nipples and that was it, he found his completion, biting his lip to keep from crying out the blond's name. His hot seed coated his own hand, pulsing still as an empty feeling came over him, alone again.

Staring at the mess that streaked across his pants, Yohji winced. He gave a little smile, though, because the fantasy he'd used was one of his favorites. "I'm going to have you, Aya," he whispered as he took the last drag off his cigarette, "And then we'll see just how cold you are... I still think I can thaw that heart of yours..."

Aya cleaned himself off, ashamed of himself for letting Yohji get to him like this. The other man would just love that he drove Aya to pleasure himself... He tried to steel himself against the gorgeous blond, but it was too late. Somehow, Yohji had managed to get under his skin.

Continued in part 2