Title: Third Time's a Charm -- part 3
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Yohji/Aya
Warning: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: Just having some fun with the boys. No harm intended...

* * * * * * * * * *

Aya breathed a sigh of relief as the last enemy went down. Despite their personal issues, he knew he could utterly trust Yohji to back him up. Another job finished. He signaled to the blond man it was time to go as he sheathed his katana.

Coming up behind the shorter man, Yohji looked down at the redhead's back. He was still riding the rush of the mission and his body was being greedy. That, and, Aya looked so good all flushed and out of breath. Silently, he reached out and ran a hand through the crimson locks, testing out to see if they were as soft as they looked. The silken strands fell through his fingers, as soft as anything could ever be, and Yohji bit back a moan.

Aya gasped as he felt Yohji's hands on his hair. The touch was so intimate.... no one had ever done that to his hair before. He tried to ignore the heat that gripped his body as he spun around, hand still on his sword. "What the fuck do you want, Yohji?"

Why did he always answer with such venom? The tender look that had been in his eyes was instantly replaced with the casual coolness that Yohji always seemed to display, "Where do you want me to start?" His grin said that all the answers were anything but mundane.

Aya glared. He couldn't admit how much he wanted Yohji right then. Visions flitted across his mind, of how the blond's body felt against his, how he had pictured Yohji as he pleasured himself.... "How about you don't." He pushed past Yohji, heading for the car.

Gripping the keys hard enough to bend them, Yohji got to the driver's side, "Baka." He slid into the seat easily, his long legs folding neatly under the steering wheel and then started the car. "Why don't you lose the attitude, Aya? It's starting to draw flies."

"I don't care what you think of my attitude, Yohji. The whole world doesn't revolve around you." Aya looked out the window, unwilling to see how good the other man looked in the low light.

The car sped off down the street. Yohji's mind, however, was not on the road. He was drifting into thoughts of the redhead in the black leather he was currently wearing, "Never said it did... I'm trying to figure out just what the fuck has you thinking that I'm such a conceited prick."

Aya turned to look at the blond, trying to ignore his formfitting outfit. "Experience?"

Skidding to a stop and pulling over, Yohji decided he'd finally had enough. He geared the transmission to neutral and pulled the brake. When they were safely halted, his arm whipped out, fast as an eyeblink. One strong hand secured Aya by the back of the neck and pulled him forward, to be met with Yohji's heated kiss.

Aya was too shocked to react at first... but his body did it for him. He found himself meeting the blond's tongue thrust for thrust, and he was instantly rock hard. Then he came to his senses, and pushed Yohji away.

"Oh, no you don't," Yohji growled and pulled him back again. His mouth sealed over Aya's as his hand slid down the sleek chest, moving low, until it began to rub furiously over the redhead's cloth covered cock.

Aya growled, pulling back and when Yohji wouldn't relent he bit at his lip. When the blond pulled back in protest, Aya got his arm between them and grabbed Yohji's arm. "Stop." He snarled. "Touch me again and I'll break your fucking arm."

Emerald eyes glittered dangerously at the furious man from over Yohji's sunglasses, "That's twice you've used that threat. Either do it or shut up." He glared at Aya, "I think you're just trying to use anger to cover up the fact that you like it when I kiss you. Why do you keep fighting me?"

"Maybe because I'm not a slut like all your other conquests, Kudou. Maybe because I don't want to be used up and thrown away like all the rest." Aya looked away.

Yohji slid closer, his fingers sleeking through those red locks again, "Is that the only reason, Aya?"

Aya was breathing hard. He was so aroused it hurt, and Yohji touching him was tempting him. Tempting him more than he had ever been tempted before. But some perverse part of him refused to give in. "How many reasons do you need? I don't want you," he lied.

The willowy blond knew the lie for what it was even before it died in the air between them. He gave Aya a dark look, as if he believed him, and returned to his side of the car, "That was all you had to say." Yohji started the car, his hands tight on the wheel, angry at Aya for not even bothering to look below the surface - not even trying to see that, maybe just this once, Yohji Kudou was for real. "I guess I'll go back to the slut conquests... At least I know *they* don't mind my touch."

"You do that, Yohji," Aya whispered, breathing a silent sigh of relief. That had been too close, he had been too close to giving in. They drove the rest of the way in stony silence.


Yohji pulled into the driveway, shutting down his headlights as he rolled to a smooth stop. He checked his watch and groaned. "It's not even eleven o'clock!" With a disgusted sigh, he got out of the car and shut the door a little harder than he intended. A cigarette went to his lips as he walked to the house and let himself in. His lighter put flame to the end as his booted feet carried him to the kitchen. Maybe a stiff drink would calm his nerves...

Aya stood in front of the refrigerator, letting the cool air chill him. He hated the hot weather. He gazed unseeing into the fridge. He had come down for a drink but found his thoughts wandering. His nipples hardened from the cool air and thoughts of Yohji and he stood only in his pajama bottoms. He didn't even hear the car door slam outside.

Pausing in the doorway, Yohji couldn't believe his luck. This time, he was sober. Maybe... just maybe Aya would be more responsive to him. He pushed aside the occurrences from the other day and slipped his boots off. The imitation snake-skin leather pants hugged his lower body like a glove as he glided carefully to behind the redhead. His arms stealthily went around the smaller beauty and pulled him against the lean frame of the blond as Yohji's soft lips began to caress the side of the pale neck, "Fancy meeting you here, Aya."

Aya stiffened as he felt the body behind him. He was slipping, to have let Yohji sneak up behind him like that. His body was betraying him. It obviously wanted Yohji's advances. His cock hardened immediately and his heart began to pound. He drove an elbow back into Yohji's stomach, then as the blond let go of him he spun around, eyes blazing. "Leave me alone."

"Oof!" Yohji backed up a couple of steps, his eyes finally betraying some of the hurt he was feeling. "Fuck you, Aya..." He turned around, not wanting to let on to any more of the pain that slashed through him, "I fucking left the club early because of you... Bastard."

"I didn't ask you to, now did I?" growled Aya. He was sure he had never seen Yohji look actually hurt before, but... "Your sluts are all probably tired of you and weren't putting out, that's all. I wouldn't flatter myself to think you would come back for me."

Yohji moved to the doorway of the kitchen that led further into the house, "No... I wasn't interested in them." He pushed his sunglasses up on his nose, to hide his eyes as he gave Aya a sidelong look over his shoulder, "They just don't compare anymore... Not to you." His face turned away just as quickly, "But, third time's a charm. I won't inflict myself on you anymore." There was very real bitterness in his voice before Yohji gave a sullen sigh and left.

Aya watched as Yohji left, unsure of himself. He had never heard Yohji sound so... sincere. Could it really be true? Yohji, playboy extraordinaire, wanted him? He slumped against the counter, arms crossed, confused. It was easy to blow off Yohji, to think of him as one-dimensional. Could he be wrong? God, his body wanted Yohji, that was certain...

Soft steps carried Yohji up the stairs, 'Fuck it all. Three times... I guess my reputation fucked me over on this one. I should have known better. The King of Glaciers won't thaw for anyone...'

Aya sighed. He was going to regret this, he was certain of it... but he pushed off the counter and followed Yohji up the stairs as quietly as possible. He watched as Yohji went into his room and closed the door. He stood outside, waited a long moment, then knocked.

Continued in part 4