Title: Third Time's a Charm -- part 4
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Yohji/Aya
Warning: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: Just having some fun with the boys. No harm intended...

* * * * * * * * * *

Aya sighed. He was going to regret this, he was certain of it... but he pushed off the counter and followed Yohji up the stairs as quietly as possible. He watched as Yohji went into his room and closed the door. He stood outside, waited a long moment, then knocked.

In the middle of shrugging out of his shirt, Yohji paused at the knock. He tossed the shirt on the bed and turned to open the door. He blinked when he saw the redhead standing there, "Haven't said enough, Aya? Or do I need some more verbal bashing about my lifestyle?"

Aya stared up at Yohji. "I wanted to apologize." He stopped, wanting to see the other man's reaction to his unheard-of statement.

The blond blinked again. This... this was totally unexpected. It took a few moments for Yohji to find his voice, "Why?"

The vulnerable look on Yohji's face made it all worthwhile. That was the way he wanted to see the man. "To judge someone else is presumptuous," Aya replied. "For all we've been through, I don't really know you. I have no right to comment on your lifestyle. I'm sorry." He looked down, then back up at the blond. Then he turned to go.

A hand caught his shoulder, "Aya... Don't go." Yohji kicked himself mentally for trying to keep the redhead there. But once he started, he found he couldn't stop himself. The smaller Weiss youth was addictive. He stepped into the hall and turned the young man around. His long fingers tilted Aya's chin up so he could look down on his face, "Beautiful..."

The redhead let Yohji turn him around, but frowned at his words. "Don't say that. It's not true." He shivered at Yohji's touch.

"Yes, it is," the blond whispered, leaning down. He brushed his lips over Aya's, "I think I know beauty when I see it... No matter what you might think of yourself."

Yohji's lips felt soft and hot and perfect against his mouth and Aya couldn't remember why he had ever held back. He moaned deep in his throat and leaned toward the blond, deepening the kiss.

Slender hands rose to cradle the redhead's face between their palms and Yohji let his tongue seek out Aya's flavor. He probed with his tongue, sliding it against its match, tasting the sweet depths. The blond didn't think he could stand it anymore. This was what he'd longed to see, Aya's ice turning to fire.

Melting into the kiss, Aya felt his body flush with arousal. It felt so right, so hot... he buried his hand in Yohji's silky hair, moving closer, pressing his body against the blond's.

Yohji pulled one of his teammate's slender legs to his hip, bringing their erections closer together. His pelvis ground against Aya's, giving friction, making him offer a moan to the hungry mouth of the redhead. His long hands roamed over the smooth expanse of sleek back, feeling how the heart inside was pounding, how the breath was labored. This... This was paradise!

Aya thrust helplessly against the answering hardness. It had been too long since he had been with someone, this was too intense. He broke the kiss with a gasp and moaned, "Yohji..." He slid his hand down the blond's back, down to his firm ass.

"Aya... you're so fucking hot..." The golden haired man took the reprieve to lay heated kisses all over the alabaster neck, murmuring, "You've been driving me crazy for months... So beautiful... You've completely taken over all my fantasies, Aya..." His lower hand slid around to rub insistently over the bulge at the front of the pajamas, "I want you..."

Aya whimpered, pushing back against Yohji's hand, letting his head fall back. "Why, Yohji?" he moaned. "Why me, when you can have anyone?"

"Maybe I don't want just anybody," the blond breathed out as his mouth was close to one strawberry nipple, "They don't compare to you, Aya... Not even close..." Yohji pulled the redhead into his room, closing the door behind him, pushing the young man with him against the wall by the door so he could continue to lavish attention while driving himself against Aya. "If only you could see what I see in you..."

"You're so sexy, Yohji, I just don't understand," moaned out Aya, but he wasn't trying to resist. He wanted, for once in his life, to let go and FEEL something to its fullest for once. And Yohji was the kind of man who could make him do just that.

Yohji leaned down and swathed his tongue over the nipple nearest his mouth, bathing it with slow sweeps, blowing on it in between. He let his hands move to Aya's perfect, silk-clad ass; kneading the flesh roughly. "I don't think I could get enough of you..."

"Gods... Yohji..." Aya almost couldn't take any more. Yohji could almost make him come just from this, he was so aroused. "Want to see you..."

The blond let him go for a moment, long enough to strip his pants off and cast them aside, before he returned to the redhead against the wall, "There... For your eyes only..."

Aya looked at Yohji. Gods, the man was perfect.. lean lithe body, nearly hairless, perfect cock rock hard for him... but his doubts still nagged at him. "My eyes only, Yohji? Really?"

"Yes," the blond whispered as his lips ghosted over Aya's shoulder. "I'm tired of jumping beds... I want someone who's going to be there when I wake up in the morning." He tilted the redhead's face to his, "Think you could be that someone?"

Barely daring to hope, Aya whispered, "I'm not going anywhere."

Yohji moaned harshly, lifting the perfect cream colored body against his, "I can see that." He moved towards the bed, "And, if I can help it, you won't be in the future either." Gently, he lay Aya down, covering his trembling form with his own, and started to let his fingers explore that expanse of smooth, unblemished skin, "I meant what I said, Aya. I'm playing for keeps this time. No more clubs unless you go with me."

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for that, yet, Yohji. Lets worry about tonight first. And take off my pants..." Aya smiled up at the blond.

"Your wish," Yohji murmured as the pajama bottoms were swept off the long legs, "is my command." He was slow to move back up, letting his lips and hands go over each inch of the slender appendages. "Lovely..." The blond leaned down and let his breath feather over the rock hard arousal that twitched in anticipation. The sticky dew that gathered on the tip was there because of him. To know that he made Aya feel the same as what he felt when he got around the redhead was a heady rush he wasn't ready to give up. "I've been waiting for this for too long, Aya," Yohji whispered as he took a taste of the sweet nectar.

Aya couldn't restrain the gasp that was ripped from his lips at the first touch of Yohji's mouth on his aching hardness. So long, so much wanting, and he was finally here. With Yohji.

Burrowing down, between the creamy thighs, the flaxen haired assassin wrapped his fingers around the base of the pulsing column of flesh. His lips slowly eased their way further down the shaft as his hand pumped towards his mouth, drawing more of the liquid need up to the surface. Yohji swallowed the hot, greedy length with a low moan; coveting the taste of Aya, needing to hear him make those noises of pleasure. The gasp had been sweet, but he wanted more... much more.

Aya forgot his reserve, his reluctance and his inhibitions as Yohji's talented mouth took him in. He spread his thighs apart, greedy for more pleasure, almost mindless already. "Oh god... yes..." he whispered, unable to believe how good it felt. "Yohji..." he moaned more loudly, sensuously.

'That's it, gorgeous, talk to me,' the willowy man thought as he let his throat muscles ripple over the head. His eyes traveled further up, watching his 'victim' writhe, feeling a sense of contentment that he had finally gotten through the icy exterior enough to do this - here - now - with Aya. His left hand lifted one knee, caressing down the back of the thigh, moving so that Yohji could knead the perfectly shaped ass. So smooth and soft and so very perfect.

Aya gasped as he felt the man's hands on him. How many times had he dreamed of this? Yet the reality was so much better. "More..." he managed to groan. "Please, Yohji..." He arched his hips up, trying to get more contact.

Pushing down even more, Yohji buried his nose in soft crimson hairs, taking the sweetly flavored cock to the hilt. His right hand repeated the actions of his left, flowing down the skin, joining its opposite in the erotic massage. Slowly, ever so slowly, his thumbs inched towards their goal - the hidden ring of muscle. He let one brush it teasingly, circling just around the outside of it, hoping that Aya would really start to come alive at the sensations he could give him.

Aya got louder and louder and he felt Yohji's hands caress him. He was fighting but he knew he couldn't fight off his climax much longer. Then Yohji brushed his entrance, and that was it. he cried out, "Yohji! I'm... I'm.. I can't...." and then he was coming, hot seed bursting forth, and he hoped the blond was ready for it.

Pulling back enough to catch the creamy pulses on his tongue, Yohji sampled the flavor quickly and found that it was better than he'd first imagined it might be. When the ebb died down, he let the spent flesh slip free, licking any stray drops from his lips, but continued to give those sinfully erotic brushes to the small entrance, "Hmmm... I could get addicted to the taste of you, Aya."

Aya lay back, panting, unable to even voice that it had been the single most intense climax of his life. And with the blond touching him like that, his cock was already stirring back to life. "Yohji... that was..."

"Good?" The golden haired man was applying a slightly higher pressure to the ring, hoping to drive the hot, sexy redhead crazy with need.

"Good.... doesn't really cover it..." the other man panted. "Mmm... that's nice too..."

Yohji leaned forward, letting his mouth caress the taut belly, "I don't think one night is going to be enough, Aya. You're so fuckin' sexy... I don't know if I'll be able to control myself around you." A little more pressure and his thumbs would be in. The blond let go with one hand and moved it down to the side of the bed, slipping under the mattress, pulling a mangled tube of lubricant out. With practiced ease, he got a generous amount on his fingers. "I always thought that there would be something like this under that cool side you show everyone else," his index finger began to make swirls that pressed into the muscle, threatening to break through.

"It's... just..." the effort of trying to speak was almost too much, "an act. I've always wanted you, Yohji..."

Moving up so that he was next to the redhead, Yohji continued to let his hand work between those gently quivering thighs, "Why? You could have had me months ago, Aya." He held back, wanting the answer before he let his finger delve into the heat that waited for him, "Why hide it like that?"

"I..." Aya looked away. "I didn't want to be just another conquest. I didn't think I could take it when you were finished with me. It's so easy to hide behind the facade, you know."

Yohji used his free hand to make the younger man look at him, tilting his head so he could gaze into the violet eyes. Just as his finger bypassed the muscle, he leaned down and whispered, "I would *never* have looked at you like that, Aya... You're too perfect." He burrowed his finger deeper, burying it to the first knuckle, seeking out the spot that would make the redhead cry out again. When Yohji found it, he gave it a gentle stroke, "Especially, like this..."

Aya arched up, his head falling back and his mouth falling open. "Yessss..." he hissed, trying to impale himself on that finger, driving it deeper. "Make me yours, Yohji..."

The words were spoken in the heat of the moment, and while they affected the blond assassin, he wanted to make sure. Yohji stilled his hand for a moment, "Is that what you really want, Aya?"

The redhead tried to focus on Yohji. "I never say anything I don't mean, Yohji."

"God, Aya..." Leaning down, Yohji caressed the sweet soft lips with his own, prying them apart so he could taste Aya again. His hand went back to work within, stroking over that little place inside, trying to make the younger man give up more sounds of pleasure. The taller Weiss broke the kiss reluctantly, "Do you know how often I've fantasized about you like this, Aya? Watching how you would come alive in my arms? Seeing the blazing need in those gorgeous eyes of yours? I thought I was gonna go crazy if it never really happened..." Yohji eased another finger into the slender pale body, carefully stretching just a little more. He didn't want to hurt this beauty.

"Gods... Yohji... " thinking about the blond fantasizing about him... it made Aya even hotter. He liked it both ways, but right now he wanted Yohji inside him, pounding him into the mattress... "Talk to me more... tell me what you want to do to me..."

A third finger joined the others, "I want to take you, right here and right now. I want to feel how tight you're gonna be around me. I want to watch your face as I thrust into you. I want to hear you scream my name... Right now, I don't care if it *does* wake Ken or Omi. I just want to hear it when I give you the best fuck you've ever had..." Yohji pulled his fingers out of that greedy body, "And, in the morning, I want to wake up to those beautiful eyes of yours and do it again." He moved, over Aya, settling between the creamy legs, and positioned himself, "What do you want, Aya?"

The redhead was panting from Yohji's words, and his whole body ached to be taken. "Oh, Yohji..." he breathed. "Take me. Fuck me. Fill me. I want it soooo bad..." he moaned, completely abandoning himself. "now!"

The hard as stone cock started to ease in and Yohji wasn't sure if he could maintain his slowness at the tight caress. Aya fit around him so perfectly, his body begging to be driven into, his voice having just done the same. The blond finally lost it and slammed the rest of his length into the sweet grip, burying to the hilt, and he panted as he tried to get his sanity back, "Fuck, Aya... You're so tight... and you feel so damn good." He pulled back halfway and then pushed in again, feeling that rippling all along his length, the redhead's body trying to force a loss of control, "You're going to... spoil me for anyone... else with this hot... body of yours..."

"Good," Aya grinned evilly, panting from desire, clenching his muscles around Yohji's length. "Give it to me... give me what I need..."

Bracing himself over the crimson haired assassin with his long arms, Yohji tried to establish a steady rhythm. He didn't want this to end so soon; needed to make it last considering how long they both had suffered their secret desires. He needed to give Aya this... Using his own body to worship him, Yohji increased the pace, pistoning his hips, wedging a knee under Aya so that the angle changed enough to making his cock run right against that sweet spot. He wanted to hear the sexy, wanton voice and he wanted it *now*.

"Oh god.... so perfect..." Aya gasped as he felt the new wave of pleasure. He was so close, already... "Pound me, please... harder..."

Hooking each knee over his elbows, Yohji complied. Sweat poured down from the exertion, but he'd have this no other way. Aya wanted him to drive him into the mattress and that's what the sexy redhead was going to get. "You... oh, God... I won't be able to get enough... ever..."

"I hope not," gasped Aya. "Need you deeper, Yohji..." Every stroke felt better; deeper, more perfect. Nothing had ever felt this good, ever.

Yohji pulled out suddenly and rolled Aya onto his stomach, "I'll give it to you as deep as you want..." He pulled the redhead up on his hands and knees, then entered him again, driving in *hard*, "How's this?"

Aya put his head down to the mattress, raising his ass up, and braced himself. "Yes... that's it... as hard as you can...I can take it..." He slipped his hand underneath him and stroked his dripping cock in time with the blond's thrusts. "Yes..."

The blond started giving impacts that made the bed shake, trying to drive himself deeper into the wanton body, seeking to mark Aya as his in a very personal way. He leaned over the pale back, licking a trail, and then bit down on the back of the redhead's neck with a possessive growl.

Aya went over the edge when he heard that growl... His whole body tightened like a vise and he cried out Yohji's name, so loud that surely everyone woke. Lighting hot ecstasy seized him, and he even stopped breathing.

The tight caress got even tighter and Yohji gave a second growl as he arched over Aya, giving his offering as deeply as possible. Every nerve exploded and the blond gave several loud pants. His hands on the pale flesh tightened enough to bruise, but he couldn't feel anything except the heavenly rush of climax.

Aya felt the blond fill him as he was still climaxing. Yohji's voice was music to his ears. He knew then he needed to hear it more.

The blond pulled out and fell to the side, dragging Aya with him. His mouth moved close to the redhead's ear, "That... was intense, Aya... I hope you enjoyed it too."

Aya almost laughed, but he had no energy left. "What do you think, Yohji?"

"I think you're not leaving this bed tonight."

The End!