Title: Three's Company
Pairing: Yohji/Ken, Yohji/Omi
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome, PWP
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When we last saw our favorite Weiss bishounen....

As the two spent boys tried to catch their breath, Ken holding Omi tightly against him, there was a loud banging on the door. Yohji's voice complained, "Oi, Ken! You gonna stay in there all day? Is the shower that much fun?"

The two boys looked at each other and started laughing, and Omi answered, "It sure is! Wanna join us?"

There was only silence from the other side of the door.

And the story continues....

Yohji stood still, speechless for the first time in his life. He knew Ken was taking a shower; he had seen the other boy go in the bathroom. But that had been Omi's voice... Yohji's head spun in confusion as he sorted things out in his mind. If it had been him in there, the conclusion he had jumped to would have made sense... but it was Ken! And sweet little Omi! Who hadn't sounded so sweet just then... The image of the two boys in the shower together, naked and wet, was too much for his already raging hormones. He was instantly hard, and then he couldn't think of anything else. He finally found his voice.

"Omi? Ken?" he managed to say, his voice sounding more like a squeak than anything else.

The door swung open, and he was greeted by a small blond vision. Omi stood framed in the doorway, dripping wet with just a towel around his slim waist. Yohji watched as small droplets of water made their way down the boy's smooth chest to disappear into the towel. He realized he was staring when Omi said, "Enjoying the view, Yohji-kun?"

Yohji's eyes snapped back up to Omi's face. The angelic-looking boy had a decidedly decadent look on his gorgeous face. Then he caught sight of Ken stepping out of the shower, and he wasn't even wearing a towel. Ken's body was as muscular as he had imagined it; his athletic talent was obvious. As were his other attributes, which were equally as impressive. When he finally managed to drag his eyes up to Ken's face, the handsome boy was trying not to smirk. Omi giggled.

Omi looked at Ken, who nodded. The younger boy then deliberately took his towel from around his waist and handed it to Ken, who used it to towel his hair. Yohji fought the urge; but nothing in the world could have kept his eyes from traveling down, down, to take in all of Omi's uncovered body. The younger boy was slim and lithe; lightly muscled and perfectly proportioned. And his cock was half hard, and getting harder... Yohji made a low moan in his throat as his own erection throbbed.

"As you can see, Yohji-kun, we're both very happy to see you," purred Omi, and the older boy's eyes automatically went to Ken, whose arousal was also becoming obvious.

Omi looked down at the bulge stretching the front of Yohji's tight pants. "Look, we're all so turned on," he said teasingly, "Whatever shall we do about it?"

Ken moved forward, wrapping his arms around Omi from behind and running his hands all over the blond's smooth chest. "I have a few ideas."

Omi moaned softly as the brown-haired boy pressed his hardness against him, and Yohji groaned at the erotic sound. They were killing him...

"How can we persuade you to join us?" Omi asked, looking directly into Yohji's eyes as he reached out to trace the outline of the bulge in the taller boy's pants.

"J-join you?" stammered Yohji. The words turned into a moan as Omi touched him.

"Yes," Ken agreed. "Join us. In bed. To have sex. Interested?"

Yohji whispered, "With both of you?"

Omi giggled at Yohji's uncharacteristic hesitance. "Please?" He turned his big blue eyes to Yohji entreatingly.

Yohji wanted it; wanted it so much his cock was already wet with desire. He couldn't seem to speak, though, so he nodded wordlessly. Omi's face spilt with a decidedly lascivious grin, and Ken grinned approvingly.

"What are we waiting for then?" Ken said, and Omi took both boys' hands, dragging them down the hallway.

Yohji finally found his voice. "I have the biggest bed," he offered, and Omi immediately dragged the other two in that direction.

They entered the room, Omi shutting the door firmly behind them and pushing Yohji toward the bed. Yohji let himself be pushed down by the two younger boys. Omi immediately straddled him, pressing his sweet mouth on Yohji's. Yohji kissed back desperately, running his hands all over Omi's still-damp flesh. He felt hands at work on his pants, and soon those were gone; Omi's small hands made short work of his shirt, and soon Yohji was as naked as his new lovers. There were hands all over him; Yohji reveled in the other boys' explorations. Omi released his mouth, and Yohji was panting; overloaded with sensation, Yohji's hand found Ken's erection, and he stroked it.

Ken kneeled beside Yohji as the other boy stroked him, and Omi was kissing Yohji's chest. As the younger boy found a nipple, Yohji gasped, thrusting his hips up, nudging his arousal against Omi's ass. Yohji growled then, and decided to take the initiative. He sat up on his elbows and said, "I want to fuck both of you. Who wants to be first?"

Omi giggled. "I want to watch you take Ken," he suggested, and looked over at the brown haired boy.

Ken nodded, looked at Yohji and said, "Please?"

Yohji bit his lip; he was sure he would wake from this delicious dream any time. He sat up, reaching into the bedside drawer and pulling out a tube. "Ken?"

Ken turned around, kneeling on the bed and raising his ass toward Yohji. With Omi, he wanted to be dominant, but something about Yohji made Ken want to submit. He felt vulnerable kneeling in front of the other boy, legs spread wide. His erection throbbed even more. "Perfect," he heard Yohji whisper.

Omi crawled up the bed to press his mouth to Ken's, as the older boy settled behind him. Ken kissed back, as he felt Yohji's hands run all over his backside. He shivered with anticipation. The hands finally centered on his entrance, and he moaned into Omi's mouth as he felt Yohji's fingers slide inside him, stretching him. Ken pushed back, wanting more, and Omi's small hands found his nipples. He moaned loudly, surrendering. "Yes... please..."

Finally, Yohji decided Ken was ready. He lubed his own cock, and rubbed the tip against Ken's opening, teasing them both. Ken whimpered in protest, and Yohji relented. He began to push, slowly entering Ken, savoring the feeling of tightness that began to envelop him. "Ken... oh yes..."

Ken moaned, lowering his head to the bed, bracing himself. Yohji's length slid inside him, stretching him, opening him, possessing him. Yohji felt huge, almost hurting him, but not quite; the almost-pain turned fully to pleasure as the older boy began to thrust in and out.

"Ken... oh god..." moaned Yohji as the tight body gripped him. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, Yohji, it's so good... more..." gasped Ken as the bed started to shake.

Yohji pounded harder, opening glazed eyes to see sweet Omi kneeling on the bed next to them, watching avidly and stroking his own cock. The sight made him groan; between the sight of the young blond touching himself and the friction of Ken's body, Yohji knew he couldn't last long.

Omi watched with rapt attention as Yohji's cock thrust in and out of Ken. He stroked his arousal slowly, not ready to climax yet but incredibly turned on by the scene in front of him. He couldn't wait to feel that cock inside him; one taste of being taken, and it was all he could think about. He craved the feeling of being pounded into.

Ken opened his eyes to see Omi's dripping cock in front of him as the younger boy stroked himself. At the same time, he felt Yohji's hand wrap around his cock. It was too much; Ken screamed at the top of his lungs, body tightening as his cock began to pulse with climax.

Yohji felt Ken's climax, felt the younger boy tighten around him and felt his hot passion cover his stroking hand. He looked up at Omi touching himself, and with a loud moan he climaxed, thrusting in one more time before he filled Ken with his seed, clutching at the other boy's hips.

Omi watched the two boys climax, still pumping his cock. He crawled over and kissed both Ken and Yohji softly, helping them to lie down and catch their breath. "Mmm, Ken, that looked like fun. I hope you left some for me."

Ken just smiled, and Yohji spoke up. "Of course, bishounen. They don't call me Yohji the Great for nothing," he grinned, indicating his cock, which was still hard.

Omi giggled, pouncing on Yohji and kissing him passionately. Yohji kissed back, before disappearing briefly to clean off. He returned, climbing back onto the bed and between Omi's spread legs. The younger boy had rolled onto his back to wait for Yohji, and happily spread his legs farther. "Hurry," he whispered roughly, eyeing the arousal in front of him.

Yohji kneeled between Omi's legs, tracing patterns on the creamy thighs. Omi whimpered in protest at the delay, and Yohji obliged him by using more lube to prep the younger boy. Soon, the already impatient Omi was squirming and pleading to be taken. Yohji couldn't wait.

The older blond positioned his cock at Omi's impossibly tight entrance; pushing slightly, it seemed that he would never be able to fit his length inside the petite body. Yohji paused, worried that he would hurt Omi; but the smaller boy pushed forward, impaling himself on Yohji's cock in a quick thrust that made them both gasp, just as he had done with Ken. "Omi!" Yohji cried out, certain the younger boy was hurt.

Omi panted; it hurt slightly, but it felt so good at the same time; he was sure now that he would never get enough of having a hard cock inside him. He wanted it fast and hard; craved the feeling of being possessed and filled and taken. "Mmm, Yohji," he moaned, running his hands up and down the older boy's muscled arms and chest, "Do it... do it hard..."

Yohji closed his eyes, getting a tight rein on his body, and began to thrust. Omi's sweet body was as tight as it looked, and each thrust was heaven. He opened his eyes; Omi in his passion was too beautiful not to watch.

Ken felt the same way; he watched as Yohji took Omi, face flushed. He inched over, pressing his mouth to Omi's as the younger boy moaned, slipping his tongue inside, tasting his need.

Yohji's eyes met Ken's as he drew back from Omi's swollen mouth. They shared a smile, and Ken bent his head to take one of Omi's nipples in his mouth, teasing it with teeth and tongue. At the same time, he slid his hand down the younger boy's body, wrapping his fingers around Omi's cock and pumping it.

Omi gasped under the onslaught of pleasure overload; the most sensitive parts of his body were being stroked, teased and pounded. Unable to hold back, he screamed his ecstasy as he climaxed. Ken moved his head, to drink in Omi's pulsing passion. Omi's body tightened as he exploded; a vise grip on Yohji's arousal inside him.

Yohji watched as Omi reached completion and Ken accepted it; then his own climax hit him like a freight train. He stiffened, inarticulate cries coming from his throat and pulses of seed coming from his cock as he filled Omi. He was sure the passion would kill him; but when the intensity faded they were all still alive and panting.

Shakily, he withdrew, settling carefully next to Omi. Ken held the younger boy on the other side, and the spent boys tried to catch their breath.

Omi found his voice first. "So how are we going to get Aya to join us?"

Continued in Operation Aya