Title: Unleashed Hearts -- part 1
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Ken X Omi, Yohji X Aya
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

The screen went dark, and the room's lights went up. Manx's voice was gone. Silence hung over the room. Omi had heard himself acknowledge the mission. But it hadn't really sunk in. he stared at the darkened screen. His mind was racing. Not that he wouldn't do anything for Weiss... but this? He wasn't sure he could pull it off.

Ken moved up to him and gave him a worried look, "Omi? Are you okay?" His hand reached out and came down on the younger teen's shoulder, "I'll back you up as best I can."

Omi's head snapped around to face Ken, blushing suddenly at his proximity. "That's the problem," he mumbled. He had no wish for his teammates to see him... like he would have to dress for this mission. He looked down. "I'm ok. I *will* complete the mission." He stood up, avoiding everyone's eyes. "If you will excuse me, I have to go prepare..." He walked out quickly.

Aya watched him go. "I hope Manx isn't wrong about this."

For once, Yohji was in agreement. "I think this is going to be hard on him. Ken, you're closer to his age... You'll have to be there in case he needs some moral support."

The athletic teen nodded. "I'll try. I just hope nothing happens to him." He fidgeted with his jacket, "He's always been the stable one of us..."

Aya glanced over at Yohji. "That's not saying much." Without another word, he left the room.

Shaking his head at yet another agreeable assessment, the blond followed him out. From behind his sunglasses, worry sprouted even though his gaze was distracted by the redhead's swaying posterior, 'He'll figure himself out. He has to.'

Meanwhile, Ken sat down hard on the couch downstairs, lost in his thoughts. How was Omi going to handle it? Would he be able to get through this unscathed?

"God, Omi... Don't screw this one up."


Omi threw himself on his bed in dismay. He had to succeed at this mission. Too many young boys and girls, runaways mostly, were disappearing. Manx had uncovered evidence of a child prostitution ring. Omi, being the youngest, and youngest looking, had to be the one to go in. He was used to putting his life on the line for the mission. That never bothered him. But now he would have to put his body on the line in more than one way...

So he had to pretend to be a prostitute. Ken would be backing him up, he wouldn't be in danger. He wasn't expected to actually sleep with anyone of course, but Omi couldn't imagine how else he was supposed to insinuate himself. He hugged a pillow to him. No one knew he was a virgin! How would he pull this off?

There was a soft, almost tentative, knock on his door, "Omi? Did you need anything?" It was Ken's voice - worried - offering anything that might make the youth's problems a little less difficult to resolve.

Omi sat up quickly. "I... I'm fine, Ken." He went to the door and opened it. There stood Ken, and another problem. He had been attracted to the soccer player since they had first met, but hadn't the nerve to do anything about it. He wasn't even sure Ken liked guys. And now, for him to see Omi like this... he blushed automatically.

"Listen... I know... this isn't going to be... easy for you," Ken stammered upon seeing the blush. Why did Omi always have to look so damn cute? "If you need... anything while this mission is a go... Just tell me, okay?" There. It was said.

So why did it sound so lame?

Ken was trying to be so nice, Omi's heart ached. Poor guy, saddled with babysitting him. "I really appreciate it, Ken. I'll remember that." But how the other boy could help him without blowing his cover was a mystery to him. "I won't fail, Ken."

Now it was time to get down to the gritty details of the mission, "Ummm... Omi... we really should... talk about... ummm... things."

Omi stepped back from the door, letting Ken in. "What do you mean?"

The athletic teen smiled weakly, barely fighting a blush, "Well... about how to... make things look like you've... well... you know..." Ken was going to have brain failure if this conversation kept up.

Omi blushed even more. "Oh," he said faintly. If he couldn't even talk about it, how could he DO it? "What... do you suggest?"

"How... how good are your acting skills?" Ken was starting to lose control of that blush. His eyes clearly avoided Omi's bed, fighting the reality of what they had to do with some form of denial.

"Acting?" Omi was lost now. He really felt like a child. "I don't know... what you mean..."

There was a loud groan, "I mean... making noises and stuff... you know... like they do in Yohji's... movies?"

"I've never watched those!" squeaked Omi.

Ken sighed, "You'll have to. And... take a look at his doujinshi collection. You have to have an idea of what's going on." The older boy couldn't believe what he was saying. How could anybody expect this of innocent Omi?

"I'm not completely innocent," snapped Omi, embarrassed but trying to prove he wasn't just a kid. "I've... seen pictures..." He trailed off, even more embarrassed that Ken might find out what he liked to look at.

"Oh." Ken turned and walked to the window, letting his blue gaze drift out, "Okay... I guess that makes it a little easier... But looking and doing are... very different."

Omi stared at Ken, once again thinking how handsome he was, how nice his body was... he realized he was drifting into a fantasy. "Maybe you should do this mission, Ken..."

"Me?" Ken whirled around, blinking, "Omi... I'm not anything close to what they want. I look too old. You... I know you're seventeen, but... You don't look it. Anybody who didn't know you would guess, at the oldest, fifteen." He shook his head, "That's what the sick bastards really want, Omi."

Omi slumped on the bed. That wasn't what he was hoping Ken would say. "I guess you're right," he sighed. Ken thought he was a kid too. And that liking another boy was sick. "I'd better get to work then."

The sudden dejection tore at the older boy and he sat down on the bed next to Omi, "Listen... There's going to be things we can't fake. Kissing and certain touches are going to be expected out in the open." Ken steeled himself against those things... To have Omi's hands on him would be embarrassing... especially for the younger assassin. "They're going to know something's up if we're not completely comfortable about it."

Omi's head shot up. We? He had missed something. "You mean... you and I...."

Another blush crept up Ken's face, "Yeah... we're going to have to kiss in front of them." Why did the athlete suddenly look forward to such an idea?

"Oh my god..." Omi's hands flew to his mouth. He hadn't thought... he thought Ken would be observing.... this was so much worse... He'd never be able to control his real feelings.

"I'm sorry, Omi," Ken whispered, "But, if you don't want to be made on the spot, you're going to have to get used to kissing other guys." Ken's hands were literally wringing the sheets at his knees. This was so damned awkward!

'I'm so dead,' thought Omi, not even able to look at Ken. 'I'll get to kiss Ken, but he'll hate it... he'll hate me for it.' "How do I do that, Ken?" he whispered.


Yohji's eyes went owl-like. Ken was actually taking some thought into good preparation for a mission! He would have been proud if the subject matter discussed in the room didn't have such an effect on him. On one hand, he wanted Omi to retain his innocence... but, on the other, he knew that the younger boy had been harboring feelings for the athletic assassin. Yohji wondered just what this mission would do to those feelings.

Quietly, he bent back down to resume listening at Omi's door.

Aya leaned against the wall outside his room, scowling at Yohji. The blond was eavesdropping again. As much as he enjoyed the sight of Yohji bent over like that, this wasn't acceptable. He strode forward and grabbed the blond's collar, dragging him away silently.

"Gyah! Aya!" Yohji struggled to get his feet under him, "Just what the hell are you doing?"

"Shhh! You're impossible, Yohji. Do you spy on everyone?" Aya demanded, when they were back in Yohji's room.

"Listen... I was just making sure Omi was okay... Sheesh!" Yohji ran a hand through his golden hair, "Ken's actually doing some good pre- mission preparation. I wasn't going to stick around for much longer!" He gave the redhead a shove, "You're such a suspicious bastard!"

Aya crossed his arms. "I have to be with you around. Why don't you just install cameras in everyone's bedrooms?" Aya blushed as he realized what he had just said. "Just leave them alone," he growled as he tried to brush past Yohji.

His arm got grabbed, "What do you think about this mission, Aya? I know you've seen how Omi looks at Ken." Yohji let concern write itself over his face, "Do you think they can handle it?"

Aya glared at Yohji and yanked his arm free. "They're both big boys, Yohji. They've got by so far without your help. Omi and Ken will do their best for Weiss. I trust them."

Reasserting his grip, Yohji shoved the redhead against the wall, "That's NOT what I mean! Omi's never really had any experience in this... Do you think he'll come out okay?" The blond was getting angry, "Stop being an asshole and think about how the mission is going to affect them in the long run..."

Aya couldn't help but think how sexy Yohji was when he got angry... but he pushed him back and said, "Why don't you go give them some pointers, then, Yohji? You're the expert, after all." He glared at the blond. Yohji was always bragging.

"Do you think it would help?" Yohji thought for a moment, and then something dawned on him, a nagging that had been in his thoughts for a while, "Speaking of looking... I've noticed that you seem to like looking at me..."

Aya's violet eyes flashed. "We're just full of ourselves, aren't we, Yohji?" He thought he'd been more subtle. But Yohji was so watchable... especially when he went out at night, all dressed up.

"Maybe..." The pale assassin couldn't say much more after Yohji's mouth crushed down on his...

Continued in part 2