Title: Unleashed Hearts -- part 2
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Ken X Omi, Yohji X Aya
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I'm sorry, Omi," Ken whispered, "But, if you don't want to be made on the spot, you're going to have to get used to kissing other guys." Ken's hands were literally wringing the sheets at his knees. This was so damned awkward!

'I'm so dead,' thought Omi, not even able to look at Ken. 'I'll get to kiss Ken, but he'll hate it... he'll hate me for it.' "How do I do that, Ken?" he whispered.

"Well... we could... practice, I guess," Ken's voice was starting to weaken. Kissing Omi wouldn't be a good idea, he knew, but they'd have to get used to it.

"P-practice?" Omi squeaked, hating the sound of his own voice. Immediately, he could think of nothing else but Ken's lips on his. "Now?"

"Well, the mission starts in a few days. We're going to have to make sure we're... okay with this... as soon as possible." Ken was nearly shredding the sheet in his hand. What was that look in Omi's eyes? Ken couldn't be too sure but it seemed that a small part of the smaller boy was... looking forward to this.

"Well, if you're sure..." Omi tried not to sound too eager, but this was perfect... he would get to practice, and kiss Ken at the same time... he almost didn't care if Ken would be disgusted. Almost. But how could he ask? Ask if Ken like this or not? If he hated it? But he needed to know...

Ken leaned closer, trying not to think about the fact that this was Omi... his team mate... the innocent information gatherer... Takatori's cast away son. He let one arm snake out, catching the slight boy around the waist, and pulled him a little closer. He sighed mentally, he was going to have to do this so he may as well do it right. He took Omi's chin in his larger hand and tilted the cherubic face upwards, "If you want me to stop at anytime, Omi... Just say the word."

Eyes huge, Omi nodded, and tried not to hold his breath while Ken got closer. He was hyperaware of Ken's hands touching him. He closed his eyes finally, and waited until he felt a silken brush against his lips. He whimpered and tried not to tremble.

The older youth hesitated at the whimper, "Are you okay, Omi? Do you want me to stop now?"

"No!" Omi burst out, more violently than he intended. "I... " he hesitated. "Ken, do you hate this? I couldn't stand it if you did..."

"No, I don't hate this. I'm just a little worried." Ken turned the grip into a hug, engulfing Omi with his larger frame, "You're going to be mostly solo here. I'll have to watch from bench and come in when signaled. Makes me feel powerless, really."

Omi melted into the hug, slowly bringing his arms up around Ken. Oh, this felt so good... "I know you'll be there for me, Ken..." he breathed.

"I'll burn in hell before I let them hurt you," Ken vowed solemnly. There was, however, still this matter of the mission and getting ready for it. He tilted Omi's head up again, and pressed his lips against the younger boy's firmly.

Omi felt more confident now. He kissed back, marveling at how soft Ken's lips were, how warm his body was against him. Kissing was wonderful...

The older Weiss couldn't believe how good it felt, kissing Omi like he was doing now. It was amazing to him how pliant the boy was against his frame. Still very soft and good to hold. He hadn't yet hit maturity, so Omi wasn't angular like the rest of them. His body was still slender, but packed with lithe muscles capable of dealing a quick death. It was intoxicating... It was arousing... It was too much.

Omi wasn't sure how a long a kiss was supposed to last, but he never wanted this one to end. How he could have lived without this feeling was beyond him. One of his hands had found its way around to Ken's chest, and he rest it there, loving the feeling of the hard muscles under his shirt. He realized he was getting hard, just from kissing Ken. The pressure in his groin increased, and he pressed against Ken's mouth harder.


Yohji continued to press Aya against the wall. Those lips felt so good under his. The blond got a good grip in the red hair, holding so that the slim younger man couldn't break away. Too good, too sweet... That's what Aya Fujimiya was despite all the ice on the outside.

At first Aya had been too shocked to react, so his body had done it for him, kissing Yohji back desperately before he even knew it, just like in his fantasies. And once he realized it was really happening, it was too late, his body had betrayed him, shown Yohji just what it was he wanted. Who he wanted. Fuck.

They came off the wall, Yohji holding the redhead close, letting him feel how his body was already starting to react to the intense kisses, "Damn, Aya... If I'd have known sooner..." Gently, as if he was holding a delicate flower, the blond lay his team mate out on the bed, "You and your damn pride... Why didn't you say something?"

Aya looked up at the blond above him. "What, and make it easy for you?" he smirked.

Hands went to the hem of Aya's orange sweater, "I think you just like to torture yourself." Yohji grinned as he pulled it over the crimson head and cast it aside, "God... so beautiful..." His green eyes feasted on the smooth skin that just begged him to touch it, "I've never seen anything more intoxicating than you."

"I'm sure you say that to all the boys, Yohji," murmured Aya. He wasn't really sure he cared any more. All he knew was that he wanted the blond. It was only lately that he had been able to admit that to himself.

Yohji swallowed hard, "No... I've never said it to anyone, Aya." He leaned down and kissed the redhead, forestalling the expected acidic response. He didn't want harsh words spoken right now. Not when he was getting ready to offer his body on the altar of pleasure.

Aya hadn't expected such a sincere response. He almost believed him. "Yohji?" he whispered, searching the handsome face.

"What?" The voice wasn't the usual, cocky tone. It was full of emotion, need, desire, and things that had remained nameless to the flaxen haired assassin for far too long.

"What are we doing, Yohji?" Aya asked, ready for another flip answer. But he had to say it. He had let it get this far, because of desire. Was it a mistake already?

"I... I need you, Aya," the admission was hard to get out, but it had to be done. Yohji wasn't going to let any pretenses get in the way of this. Aya had to be given the chance to run away if he so desired. If that happened, the older Weiss would leave him alone from then on.

For once in his life, Aya decided to stop thinking. He wanted to be impulsive just for once. He wanted to be like Yohji. He wanted Yohji. "Then take me," he murmured, and pulled Yohji down for another kiss.

As if he were released from a heavy burden, Yohji went into the kiss with abandon. He savored the natural flavor of Aya's kiss, letting his tongue seek it out so that he could memorize it forever. His hands slid up the bare torso, lightly feathering over ribs, until he could cradle the pale face between them. Yohji was going to make sure that Aya wouldn't want to leave this bed when it was over.


Omi kissed Ken harder, and the heat between his legs increased. He had a thought... how much more did he have to "practice?"

By God, Omi was... submitting to the kiss! Fully! Ken didn't know what to think. He could barely breathe. It felt so good, that kiss, that he didn't want to break it. He was going to have to keep showing things to the youth, but... Ken didn't know if the boy was just responding to the intimacy or... oh, God... 'No! He can't want me! Get a grip, Ken... This isn't like that!'

Omi realized he had clutched a handful of Ken's shirt as they kissed. He tried to relax his hand, and at the same time opened his lips slightly. He wanted to see how Ken would react.

The strong arms around the youth tightened and a tongue brushed across his lower lip, almost as if asking for permission to go further.

Omi wanted more, and opened his mouth, inviting Ken in, hoping he would accept. He hoped Ken wasn't just acting, that he felt the way he himself felt, but that was wishful thinking. But, god it felt so *good*....

Unable to stop the loss of control, Ken deepened the kiss, driving his tongue into his team mate's mouth. Omi tasted sweet... Like bright sunshine and berries. The older youth guessed the berry flavor to have been his latest batch of pocky, which the youth was very fond of. He couldn't help himself as he continued to delve in and lap at that sweet taste with a harsh moan.

The sound Ken made almost made Omi climax in his shorts. The animal moan was so primal, so... Omi whimpered in response. Were all kisses like this?

Something in Omi's noise triggered a response in Ken. He twisted, pinning the slighter boy between his body and the soft mattress of the bed, his mouth firmly in place over Omi's. He continued the kiss, but now one hand was gliding down the youth's back, feeling how his companion's body arched. The athletic Weiss was losing himself in this, once innocent, first kiss.

Omi could think of nothing better than lying back on the bed, with Ken above him. He arched up against Ken, loving the feel of the other boy's body against his, forgetting to hide the hardness that stretched the front of his shorts....

Reality set in, as impacting as a fist in Ken's gut, as he felt that warmth throbbing against his hip. 'Oh, God... Omi...' Desperately, he broke the kiss and forced himself to let the youth go. Without a word, the muscular assassin bolted from the room and to the safety of his own.

Omi lay back on the bed, too stunned to realize what had happened. Ken had... run away? Too late, he realized the other boy must have felt his arousal and been disgusted.... but... Omi really had thought Ken was responding to him! He felt like crying, but he wouldn't. He pulled himself together, and decided to go ask Yohji for help. He went down the hall towards the older man's room, noting that the door stood slightly ajar. He approached, but stopped when he heard.... sounds....


One of Yohji's long arms reached down and hooked under Aya's knee, bringing the leg up so that he could fit more snugly against the redhead, "Aya... How long? How long have you... wanted me?"

Aya moaned and arched against the blond, rubbing against him. "Too long," he said huskily.

The blond stifled a gasp, "Is... Is this really what you want?" He was having trouble thinking... Aya, untouchable, unreachable, unattainable Aya was right here - under him - letting Yohji touch him without restraint. He was beautiful like this... eyes smoky with anticipated pleasure...

Aya took Yohji's hand and brought it down to his erection, trapped within his jeans. "Does it feel like I want this?" He moaned.


Outside the door, Omi's eyes widened. Yohji wasn't alone... that was Aya's voice... moaning... it couldn't be.... He should go now, leave them alone, but he couldn't... His arousal had never gone fully away and now it returned with a vengeance.


The hand went to work at getting the jeans open. Yohji wanted to see it - the proof of Aya's need. He really couldn't be sure if this was all a dream or real. When the cloth came open, his fingers slipped inside and wrapped around the length, squeezing with exquisite gentleness, "I'm going to have to do something about this, you know..."

"Oh, I hope so..." gasped the redhead, arching into the intimate touch. "I'm in your hands, Yohji..."


Omi couldn't help it, had to peek. He moved so he could see through the gap in the door.

"I promise not to disappoint, Aya." Yohji swept down the lithe body, pulling off the jeans so that he could burrow in between those silky thighs. He lifted the hot arousal and let his tongue flow along the underside, all the way to the tip. His tongue waited before moving down again, collecting the clear drops there, savoring them as the honey-haired man took the head into his mouth. The flavor was everything he'd dreamed it to be.

Omi watched as Yohji lowered his head, and began to lick at... he stepped back from the door, hand over his mouth as Aya cried out.

Warmth at his back alerted the young man that someone was behind him, "What are you doing, Omi?"

Omi spun, coming face to face with Ken. His face flushed even more brightly red as he heard Aya cry Yohji's name. "They... I was just going to ask Yohji.... and...."

"And?" Ken had managed to calm himself. Regardless of his feelings and reservations, the mission had to be seen to. He wouldn't fail Omi again. How could the youth hold back his responses when he was unused to what Ken had been showing him? It was only natural to feel that way - right?

The earlier scene with Ken came back to him in a rush, and shame washed over Omi. He looked away. "Nothing. It's not important. I won't bother you again." He looked down as he walked past Ken, back to his room.

His shoulder was caught, "Omi... I'm sorry."

Still looking away, he shrugged free of Ken's grip. "Don't worry about it." He kept walking, face burning from rejection.

Ken hurried to catch up, grabbing an arm this time, "Damn it, Omi! Turn around and listen for a second!"

Omi stopped, but didn't turn to face Ken completely. "Why?" he said bitterly.

His arm was dropped, "On second thought, Omi... forget it. I'll back you on the mission, but... I guess you'll have to go to Yohji for everything else." The sound in the boy's voice was discouraging. Ken wanted to block it out. He'd done this to the boy, after all, but trying to fix it seemed to be making it worse. Omi didn't even want to look at him! He'd really blown this one.

Omi turned to go. "I'll do that, Ken. Thanks." And he slammed the door.

Ken looked at the door, eyes cast down. He couldn't bring his voice above a whisper, "I'm really sorry, Omi... Maybe, if I wasn't such a fuck-up, you'd be able to forgive me..." With that, he turned and went back in the familiar direction of his room, glaring at Yohji's door as he passed it.


Aya cried out as his cock was enveloped in hot, wet heaven. God, Yohji was good... "Yohji.... yes...."

The blond head came up for a moment as Yohji thought he'd heard something. After a few seconds, the weeping cock in his hand was more appealing and he moved back down it with a moan. His hands were everywhere they could reach, stroking, caressing, touching... Aya was absolutely perfect in every way. Yohji wasn't sure if this still *wasn't* a dream.

Aya couldn't help himself; he buried his hands in that silken blond hair and arched up. "Yohji... Stop or I'll..."

The blond assassin did the exact opposite. His hand stroked upwards a few more times and then his mouth backed off just enough that he could get the fruits of his labors. Yohji hoped that Aya wasn't the type to bite back his voice during orgasm.

"Oh... OH.... YOHJI!" Aya couldn't hold back the scream as he climaxed, hard, filling his new lover's mouth. Pleasure shot through him as he released, still gasping Yohji's name.

In his room, Omi's head shot up and he blushed once again. Life wasn't fair.

With a self-satisfied smile, the taller assassin lay his head on Aya's stomach, "You're even more beautiful than I imagined when you get off..." His long fingers took to stroking the inside of one creamy thigh, "I could lay like this forever..."

Aya spread his legs wider, still panting. "Are you sure there isn't something else you'd like to do, Yohji?" he asked lazily.

Getting the hint, Yohji made a playful run of his fingers over the near-white hip as he reached over to get into a bedside drawer. "If you're trying to convince me... I might give in." He unscrewed the cap of lube and made sure to coat his fingers completely, "Dreams do come true, right Aya?" With that, he delved into the too intense heat of the redhead's body with his index finger.

Aya moaned, welcoming the invading digits into his body. "Have you dreamed about me, Yohji? Really?"

"Yes," came the guttural sound of confirmation. Yohji slowly added two more fingers to his actions, offering a prayer of thanks to whoever might be listening. Aya - here - writhing - moaning - crying out his name - it was almost too good to be believed. "I'm almost afraid that I'm going to wake up, Aya..."

"I want to know what you dreamt of me, Yohji," the redhead's voice came out as a needy moan. "Tell me... oh, god, more..." He was almost hard again already, just from the prep. "Oh god Yohji..."

Yohji smiled - the redhead was getting hard again at the careful preparations and what he was hearing. "I've dreamt of you laying here, just like this, while I tease you. Of you kneeling in front of me, my cock in your mouth and you sucking as you make these little mewls of pleasure. You on all fours - shoving back against me as I drive into you and make you scream..."

"Mm, Yohji, that sounds incredible..." Aya breathed. "Did those dreams make you hard for me?" The redhead couldn't believe how wanton Yohji was making him feel.

"As a fucking rock." The fingers were pulled out of Aya's greedy body and then the blond rose from the bed to strip out of his clothes, "Did you dream of me, Aya?" Yohji wanted to hear about the redhead's own dreams if that were really so...

"Oh, yes," whispered Aya, watching Yohji reveal himself. "I would dream of you coming into my room late at night, and kissing me, and rubbing your hard cock against me. I love you in those leather pants. When I see you ready to go out at night I get so aroused, Yohji."

The blond knelt down on the bed, between Aya's long legs, "What else did you dream of?" He couldn't wait to feel the redhead around him, but wanted to hear more first. "Tell me, Aya."

"Please Yohji...." He moaned, but the other man waited. "I dream about you taking me from behind, me sucking your cock, me fucking you too. I want it all, Yohji."

With a harsh groan, Yohji backed off and pulled his new lover up, "You want me to fuck you from the back?"

Aya nodded desperately. "Yes, please, I want it so much..." The redhead turned around, raising his ass and lowering his head to the bed. "I want you deep inside me, so deep..."

Moving forward, Yohji positioned himself and started to ease in to the tight sheath that Aya was providing. It felt indescribable... so hot, tight, and perfect. Nothing in his previous conquests even compared to this! Yohji couldn't stifle the moan that was ripped from him when he finally found his stomach pressed against the redhead's ass, "Aya... oh shit... shit... You feel so... good..."

Aya wasn't sure he could even speak any more. Yohji was filling him, fucking him... the hot length slid inside him and set him on fire. He tried to hold still, but he couldn't. He pressed back against the blond, wanting more.

One arm went under the slim waist, "Ready?" Yohji's voice was breathless. He wanted this so much; wanted to make Aya scream his name loud enough for the world to hear.

"Do it... hard..." was all Aya could manage, and he braced himself.

Yohji pulled his hips back and then brought them forward, driving himself into Aya for the first time. The tight heat rippled all along his cock, threatening to overwhelm him, "You... oh, God..." Instinct started to take over and he began to thrust in and out, harder and faster, to the hilt - again and again.

Aya took every thrust, pushing back against the blond, moaning for more. "Please.... harder..." He craved being pounded into the mattress, taken as hard as possible. "Yes... Yohji... you're so good..." Every thrust was agonizing ecstasy.

The blond's hands moved to Aya's pale hips, gripping them in a nearly bruising hold, and used the leverage to slam into him. Yohji couldn't stop... He had wanted this for far too long to not give in, "So hot, Aya... so tight... you feel so... ugn... good around me..."

"I want to feel you fill me, Yohji, I want to drive you insane," gasped Aya. He clenched his muscles, gripping Yohji even more tightly.

"Aya..." The taller Weiss moaned the name and slammed in the hardest yet, needing to feel *all* of the redhead, "I'm already going insane..."

"I've never felt anything so good, so perfect..." moaned Aya, slipping his hand underneath his body to pump his arousal. "Fuck me..."

Growling, Yohji reached lower to pull the slim legs apart even more, "I'm working on it, Aya..." He started driving in like a madman, unyielding, unforgiving, unstoppable.

That was it. Aya was lost. He stroked his cock once more then he exploded, screaming Yohji's name and pulsing his hot seed all over the bed. "YES!"

Not even a heartbeat later, Yohji followed him, "Oh, God... AYA!" His hands clenched, leaving little fingerprint bruises, and Yohji bowed over the slender back as he sent his essence deep inside the redhead's gripping, greedy body.

Aya held still for a long moment, sweet aftershocks still running through his body. But soon he knew his legs would give out. "Yohji... you're incredible."

Arms wrapped around him as Yohji fell over, "You're not so bad yourself, Aya..." The blond buried his face in the side of the redhead's neck, inhaling his natural scent, "I could get used to this..."

"I only have one question, Yohji," Aya sighed as he snuggled against the other man. "Why did we wait so long?"

"Don't know... But let's not waste time angsting about it."

"Agreed," Aya sighed, and drifted off into a light sleep.

Continued in part 3