Title: Unleashed Hearts -- part 4
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Ken X Omi, Yohji X Aya
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

Omi moved through the dancers. Suddenly, a boy he recognized from earlier with Matsuro grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear.

"Dance with me? Matsuro-san likes it when we dance, so the customers can see us."

Omi nodded, and let the boy pull him onto a low platform, just high enough so they could be observed easily. He threw himself into the music and tried to move provocatively. He watched the other boy move and tried to copy as best he could.

Watching, Ken insinuated himself in with the other dancers. He moved with quite a bit more practice than Omi, but he wasn't nearly as into the act. His eyes narrowed as an older man moved up towards the two boys. He was accompanied by Matsuro, but something about him really bothered the young man. He studied him, paying close attention.

Then it hit him.

He'd seen the man in the bathrooms earlier, inhaling something out of a small vial. Ken tried not to notice then, but those senses that kept alert when on missions wouldn't let him forget fully. There was no way in hell this guy was going to get his hands on Omi. It was bad enough, what the boy was having to do, but to have some drug addicted prick doing things to the boy...

Ken started to cut through the crowd towards the pair of men.

Omi found he really enjoyed dancing; it was cathartic. He threw himself into it and his tension disappeared. He put his hands on the other boy's shoulders and fitted their hips together as they writhed to the beat. Over the boy's shoulder, though, he saw Matsuro approach with an older man in tow.

"Who's that?" Omi whispered into the boy's ear.

The boy glanced up and grimaced. "That's Giovanni-san. I hope he's not after me. I still have bruises from the last time."

Omi tried not to look frightened as the men approached.

Dancers kept getting in his way and Ken was starting to get really frustrated. He wanted to scream at Omi, but the loud music wouldn't let him hear him. The enraged youth had completely forgotten about his comm until he heard the response to Omi's question. This only served to anger him even more. He pressed his finger to his earpiece, "I'm on my way." He didn't mean for his voice to come out as a growl, it just did.

Matsuro smiled, "Tsuki! I've found someone who's willing to pay a very large sum of money for you tonight." He indicated the man beside him, "This is Cesar and he's *very* interested in you."

The boy beside him disappeared with a pat on his shoulder and a whispered, "Good luck."

Omi looked up at the man. He was olive-skinned and dressed in an outrageously expensive suit that didn't disguise the fact that his body was turning to fat. Omi tried to repress a shudder at the thought of the man touching him. He heard Ken's statement but couldn't acknowledge it. Instead, he looked down and said, "Thank you, Matsuro-san."

A meaty hand slapped around the youth's wrist, tight enough to bruise, "Come on, boy... I don't have all night."

Ken finally burst through the crowd, just as Omi's cry of pain broadcast over his comm, and moved right up to the Italian, "Don't touch him!" As the words flew, so did his fist, connecting in a very ungentle manner to Cesar's jaw. With a sense of satisfaction, Ken watched the bastard drop into unconsciousness.

A purring voice drew his attention away from the man on the floor, "Well, that's unfortunate for you... He hadn't paid yet."

Omi had dropped back, stunned, when Ken made his move. He clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from crying out his partner's name. What on earth had come over Ken? Yes, the man's hand had hurt, but he had no intention of letting him touch more... The crowd around them backed up, watching avidly. If he wasn't careful, Ken was going to blow this whole mission. Did Ken actually care about him?

Looking at the man, Ken gave him a glare, "So?"

Matsuro kept smiling, "Well, that means that you'll be taking his place. Mr. Giovanni promised to pay a handsome sum for this boy's virginity. You'll be paying the same... and you get to take it."

The older youth's jaw dropped, "What?" One look at his team mate and Ken made his decision. He couldn't let this happen to Omi. Not after he'd screwed everything else up. He snapped his glare back to Matsuro and took a pen from his pocket. He scribbled down some numbers on a piece of paper, "Take it out of this account... and double it." He let his eyes soften as they went back to his partner, "I don't want anyone else touching him tonight."

With a satisfied smile, Matsuro turned away without a word.

Omi stood, speechless, and looked at Ken. "What did you just do?"

A young man approached before Ken could answer, "Come with me... I'll show you both to someplace where you can get... comfortable." He gave Omi a wink and pulled him along with him.

"He's a cute one... How'd you get *his* attention?"

Ken followed silently, trying to comprehend just what he did and why. There was no forthcoming understanding, so he remained quiet as the trio moved through the crowd to some stairs.

Omi whispered back, "I'm just lucky I guess..."

He followed the boy. His mind was whirling. Why had Ken done that? What were they going to do now? Surely Ken didn't want to go through with it...

They stopped outside a door, "Here you go... Have fun!" The boy scampered off, leaving the Weiss youths by themselves.

Ken slowly opened the door, "I guess we have to go in..." He shook his head, 'What have I done?!?'

Omi pushed past Ken, getting annoyed. "I'm sorry it's such an imposition to be alone with me," he muttered.

"Damn it," Ken swore as he entered the room, "That's not how it is!"

Omi slammed the door behind him. "Then how is it, Ken?"

"I... I just don't know," he looked at Omi, unsure suddenly, "I know I hurt you... somehow... I didn't mean to." Ken gazed at him with earnest blue eyes, "I'm sorry... I just keep fucking up."

Looking at Ken like that, suddenly Omi wasn't mad at him any more. "Oh, Ken," he sighed. Suddenly he had a thought. "You don't suppose this room is monitored, do you?"

Ken looked up and around, "I... I'm not sure. I think we'd better stay in here for a while." He moved to a bed in the corner and sat down on the edge, dropping his head into his hands, "What did I do wrong, Omi? Why have you suddenly started giving me the cold shoulder?"

Omi snorted. "Me? I'm not the one who rejected *you*." He turned his back trying to look the room over for possible surveillance equipment.

Head snapping up so fast he should have gotten a migraine, Ken let his eyes come to rest on the youth, "That's what you... think?" Understanding finally dawned. 'Oh, God... I've really screwed this up...' He flopped back on the bed, "You... you never said anything... I didn't know..." He rolled over and grabbed a fistful of sheets, "Damn it... you never told me!"

"Never told you what, Ken?" Omi turned to look at him.

"The only reason you would see it as rejection is if you... had... feelings..." Ken couldn't finish it. He just didn't know how to handle this. Omi was his team mate! His friend!

Omi blushed. He looked down, unable to meet Ken's eyes now. "I'm sorry if I disgust you, I won't bother you again."

"I... I never said that..." It was Ken's turn to blush. He thought back to the kiss they'd had in Omi's room. How he'd been enjoying it way too much. How he'd been unable to process the fact that Omi was getting turned on by it. He looked away, "If Yohji and Aya don't disgust me - and they've been going at it like rabbits for the last three days - then why should you disgust me?"

"I don't know, Ken. But when you kiss someone then run away, it's usually a sign." Omi tried not to pout.

Good God... Omi was pouting... and it was doing some interesting things to the older youth, "You didn't really give me much of a chance to apologize."

Omi looked away. If he looked at Ken he wouldn't be able to stay mad. Ken looked delicious in his outfit. "You were the one that ran off. And nothing is stopping you now."

"Are you going to turn a deaf ear this time, just like the last two?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ken," Omi looked directly at him this time.

"When I tried back at the house, you wouldn't even look at me," Ken explained, "Then, earlier, down in the club... I..." He turned away and looked at a spot on the wall, "I... I really did like the kiss, Omi."

"You... you did? I thought you just felt sorry for me... I was embarrassed, Ken. If you liked it, why did you... go?"

"I thought you were just... reacting to it... I didn't know that you... wanted me," the older Weiss still didn't look at him, "I guess I can be oblivious sometimes."

Omi almost laughed at that. "I would have thought it was obvious."

"I know you've never been with anyone before... I guess I should have stayed and asked outright," Ken shook his head, "But I didn't, so..." He looked at the younger boy, "What do we do now?"

Omi giggled. "Well..."

Ken's eyebrows rose, "What?" He wasn't too sure about that giggle...

Omi looked at the bed significantly.

"Are you suggesting... here?" Ken visibly paled at the thought. Did Omi really want to do this? And, worse yet, did he really want to do it in such dangerous territory?

Omi blushed. "Well, we could try that kiss again..."

That seemed safe enough. Ken gave a nod and looked at Omi expectantly, "Can't do much when I'm here and you're there..."

Omi took a shy step forward. Suddenly he wasn't so sure of himself. "Only if you want to, Ken..."

"Come here, Omi," came Ken's low response. He hadn't been lying when he said he liked the kiss.

A thrill ran through Omi at Ken's tone. He felt his body react. He walked to stand in front of Ken.

Looking up at the boy, Ken reached for him and pulled him down on his legs, "Why are you so shy all of a sudden? It was your idea." He smiled, trying to ease Omi's nervousness, "Your kiss was the sweetest I'd ever had... I'd like to see if it's just as sweet the second time around."

Omi whimpered. "Really, Ken?" It felt so good to sit on the older teen's lap...

Pulling him closer, Ken started leaning down, "Really." Then, his mouth was brushing over Omi's and he said nothing more as his hands moved up the slender back, drawing the youth against his chest.

Omi closed his eyes, unable to believe this was really happening. He parted his lips, moving closer to Ken, wrapping his arms around the other boy.

Sliding Yohji's vest off of the younger assassin's shoulders, Ken let his tongue explore the insides of Omi's mouth. It was just as good this time. With a moan, he deepened the kiss, crushing the boy to him. How could Ken have thought that he could escape with just a kiss? He felt his body reacting to the boy, his cock starting to swell and demand that he sate its need. He almost whined in frustration - it had been a while since he'd wanted someone so much...

Omi leaned into the kiss, wanting Ken's hands on him more than anything. He felt the vest come off, and he hardened fully. Ken's arms pulled him closer, and he wanted everything.

"God, Omi," Ken whispered breaking the kiss as his hands moved along the younger boy's ribs. He could feel the quickened breath under his palms, "You still taste sweet."

"I want everything, Ken. Show me please?" Omi begged, skin on fire from the other boy's touches. He wiggled around so that he was straddling Ken's lap. He gasped as he slid forward, and felt Ken's hardness against his.

The older assassin's body tensed as their arousals came in clothed contact, "... Omi." His hands tightened on the slim shoulders and his eyes closed as he processed the assault on his senses. One strong hand went into the unruly blond hair, tilting Omi's head back so that Ken's lips could leave a gentle trail up his jaw to an ear. There was an almost purring sound as Ken's tongue began to wander around the outer shell.

Omi leaned back, exposing his neck to Ken, drowning in sensation. He moved forward, wanting more contact, rocking against Ken. "Please," he moaned, wrapping his arms around the other boy and feeling the strong muscles.

With a growl, Ken's fingers found the hem of his partner's shirt and slid under it. They inched slowly over hot, smooth flesh, traveling higher and higher until they came across both of Omi's nipples. Ken pulled back from the younger boy's neck to reclaim those sweet lips as his digits began to tug and twist each one gently.

"Oh god..." Omi gasped as he was assaulted by yet another new sensation. His nipples seemed directly connected to his erection and every touch made him even harder. He moved his hands to the hem of Ken's shirt, tugging at it.

Ken reached back, over his head, and pulled the shirt off, "Better?"

Omi gazed at Ken's muscular chest. "Oh, yes..." he breathed. He ran his hands over the muscled planes reverently.

The athlete's hands dropped down to Omi's shirt and then hesitated, "Is this okay?"

Omi nodded quickly. He wanted to feel Ken's skin against his.

The fabric was drawn up slowly, teasingly, until Ken couldn't stand it anymore. His eyes raked over the soft young flesh, taking in the whole vision, before he let his gaze lock onto Omi's azure one, "You said everything. Do you mean what I *think* you mean?"

"Oh, yes, Ken. Everything. If you want me, that is..." Omi looked down shyly. His cock ached so much but he was still hesitant.

With a twist, Ken pinned the younger assassin beneath him on the bed. Holding himself above Omi by bracing his strong arms, the larger youth ground his hips down against the slender body below, "What do you think?" His voice was a guttural groan of need, "I'm not *that* good an actor, Omi..."

Omi whimpered and rocked back against Ken. The tone of the other boy's voice went straight to his cock. "Oh, god, Ken... I want you so much... please touch me..." The feeling of Ken pinning him down was what he craved.

Shifting to the side, Ken rolled the young man onto his stomach, "I intend to, Omi..." He pressed his mouth to the back of the younger boy's neck and started licking a path down his spine, "How's this for starters?"

It was perfect. Omi moaned and grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets. Ken's weight on him pressed his aching arousal into the bed, and his body ached for more.

Straddling the youth's back, Ken slipped his hands under the boy's chest and lifted him up as he continued to lap along the path. Omi's skin was feverish and the moans were giving the older Weiss more reason not to stop. His erection throbbed, almost painfully, and Ken was starting to not care about anything but sating both their needs, "Omi... so sweet..." Without warning, one of his hands moved, insinuating itself between waistband and skin, to lightly tickle at the head of the younger assassin's cock.

Moaning, Omi thrust forward involuntarily. No one had ever touched him there before, and it felt so good. He wanted everything, wanted to surrender to Ken completely. "Oh, Ken... more..." He pressed back, wanting to feel Ken's hardness against his ass.

Shifting his attentions to the side of Omi's neck, Ken pulled his hand out and used it open the shorts, "Damn... these are really tight. How could you breathe, Omi?" He pulled them down the long legs and let them fall on the floor, before returning his hand to the hotter flesh that dripped with anticipation and need, "Never mind... I don't care about that right now..."

Omi moaned as Ken touched him again. "Ken!" he cried as the older teen started to stroke him. "Feels so... good..." He was fast becoming a slave to his need as he suddenly realized he was fully nude in front of Ken. This made him even hotter and he knew he would lose it soon. "I'm going to..."

"Shhh... Just tell me how it feels," Ken whispered before leaning back down start suckling at the juncture of neck and shoulder. He could feel the tremors that were going through his partner and reveled in them. To know that he was going to be Omi's first... it gave new life to feelings that he'd not even fully realized until now.

"It feels... oh god it feels so good, Ken... like I'm going to explode..." Omi gasped. "More..." Right now, all he wanted was Ken to do everything to him.

After making sure that Omi's knees were under him for support, Ken let his hand steal into the drawers beside the bed. There was an assortment of items that he didn't even want explanations of as well as the tube of what he was looking for. Taking it out, he used his teeth to unscrew the lid and squeezed some on his fingers, "More? Are you sure?"

Omi pressed against Ken. "I've never been more sure of anything," he moaned. "Hurry..."

Being very careful, Ken pressed into the trembling youth with one finger, feeling the clench of the boy's opening, "Relax, Omi... I don't want this to hurt you." He started to work the digit in and out, trying to make the younger assassin loosen up so he could add another.

Omi cried out as he felt Ken's finger invade him. "Oh... it feels so good..." He pushed back against the finger, his cock dripping now.

The older boy took his own agonizingly sweet time in getting three fingers into Omi, "God... If this gets much farther, I don't think I'll be able to stop. Omi, please tell me you haven't changed your mind." Ken was breathing heavily now, his own body shaking with need and anticipation.

"If you stop now, I'll kill you, Ken," Omi gasped out. Ken's fingers inside him and the hand stroking his erection were driving him mad. Then the fingers inside him touched a spot that increased the sensations a thousandfold. "KEN!" he cried out, and suddenly he was climaxing, pumping out his first release, calling Ken's name.

After the last pulse of white, Ken pulled the youth into his arms, kissing him thoroughly. The older assassin's hands ran over the slightly sweaty skin, feeling the gooseflesh fade. He broke the contact a few minutes later, "I don't plan on stopping, Omi... You said 'everything' and that was just the beginning."

Omi looked up at Ken. "I hope so. I want it all. I want to make you feel good, Ken." Omi wanted to see Ken lose control, to make the brown-haired youth cry out his name. "Please......"

"If that's what you really want, Omi, I don't have the heart to stop you."

Omi pouted. "Only if you want me, Ken..."

Fingers lifted the boy's chin so that Ken could look at him squarely, "If I didn't want you, I wouldn't be here now, Omi. I would have thought, as smart as you are, that you would have that figured by now."

Omi grinned wickedly. "Then what are you waiting for, Ken? Take me."

Rising from the bed, Ken unbuttoned his jeans and wiggled them off his hips to fall to the floor, "No more waiting..." Those three words preceded his getting back onto the bed and giving Omi another searing, burning kiss.

They were both naked now, nothing between them save desire. Omi kissed back hard, wanting everything that Ken could give him.

Tumbling onto his back on the bed, Ken pulled the youth over him, using his hands to position Omi's hips. As gently as he could, the athletic assassin started to push into the tight entrance, moaning into the kiss as his cock was engulfed in scorching heat. The feeling licked all along his length, burning him up without any pain save the ache of it not being enough. With a moan, he fought down the urge to thrust fully, and took his time so that Omi could adjust to the sensations.

He was being filled, opened, and desire burned through him as Ken entered him. His mouth was open, a perfect O, and he couldn't even speak as Ken took him. He only moaned, and gasped, and panted, as the other boy slid inside him, not stopping until they were fully joined.

It took great effort to speak, "... Omi... am I... hurting you?"

Omi shook his head, then tried to speak. "No, no, it's so good, Ken... oh god, you're so big... but it feels so good..." Omi leaned forward, clinging to Ken's shoulders.

His cock twitched, demanding movement, and Ken could do nothing but comply. He started slowly at first, using his grip on Omi's hips to ensure full penetration of that tight, sweet body. It was like fire and ice running through his veins... both flashing through one after another. It was heaven. It was hell.

It was perfection incarnate.

Omi didn't think it could get better, but then Ken started to move, and brushed that exquisite spot inside him. "Ken..." he moaned. "More.... need more..."

"Good God, Omi... you feel so good..." Ken was starting to move faster now, deeply driving upwards into his team mate. Matsuro and the mission were quickly becoming fleeting memories in the face of gaining satisfaction. Too soon, the athlete felt it coming upon him and decided that a change of position was in order. It was a two- fold reason; only partially in an effort to make the pleasure of the moment last.

"Omi," Ken whispered hotly in his ear, "Let's shift... get on your hands and knees for me... or over the edge of the bed..."

Omi was almost mindless now. He scrambled onto his hands and knees as quickly as possible, already mourning the loss of the hard length inside him. He lowered his head and raised his ass in the air, spreading his legs. "Hurry..."

Moving up and over the sleek back, Ken positioned himself and slid into the opening again. The sweet caress was no less intense the second time around and he gave a harsh groan as he pulled back. Securing a tight grip on the boy's hips, he drove into Omi fully, gasping at the full scope of sensations that coursed through him. He bent low and laced his fingers between his lover's, "You... feel so good... Omi..."

"Oh, Ken... this is perfect..." Then his voice dissolved into moans as the other boy repeatedly thrust into him, harder and harder with each stroke. He braced himself, taking each stroke, each invasion taking him higher.

Ken's mouth fastened on that little area between neck and shoulder again, his teeth gnawing gently. He was riding on instinct now and, like any other creature that did the same, felt the need to mark his territory. Suction against the flesh caused a painless bruise and the young man followed it up with the gentle application of his tongue, soothing the mar on flawless skin. "I... I don't want... to come yet..." He could feel those tremors starting to shake through him.

"Why... not?" gasped out the younger boy, striving with each stroke to go higher.

"I want... I want to make... it last... feels so... good." Ken was almost to the point of no return. If he didn't do something soon, his release would be upon him and it would be too late. A quick decision was made and he pulled Omi towards the edge of the bed so that he could really brace his legs. Both lovers were hanging half- off of the soft mattress and Ken started to really drive into the youth with abandon, "God... Omi..."

"Oh! Ken!" Omi gasped as the pleasure increased yet again. He moved his hand down to encircle his aching erection and tried to stroke in time to Ken's thrusts.

Sweat poured down Ken's back as he strained, trying to increase all the wonderful sensations. He wanted Omi's first time to be the most intense thing that ever happened to him. He widened the splay of the younger boy's legs, feeling on the next thrust that he went still deeper, and cried out. He was almost there...

He was dying, he was sure of it, but he didn't want to be saved. Pleasure shot through his body, and Omi stroked himself. So close... he knew without a doubt that his climax would be monumental. "Ken!" he cried out. "Harder!"

The older boy gripped his hips tight enough to bruise and slammed in, "Oh... OMI!" Ken was riding dangerously close... It wouldn't take much more to send him over the edge.

"Ken! I'm going to....." Omi's voice dissolved into moans as Ken drove deeper, stroking that perfect spot, and it was over. He screamed, and blinding ecstasy hit him hard.

Incredibly tight got impossibly so and Ken gave a final forceful thrust, bowing over the youth's back. His body couldn't contain all the sensations that boiled up to the surface, rising from his loins and exploding into the sweet haven of the teen's body. From his lips, Omi's name fell like a litany and he wrapped his arms around the boy tightly, holding on in the aftermath of their union, "God... I feel like my... legs are going to collapse..."

Omi's hot seed was still pumping out over his fingers as Ken filled him. "Oh Ken..." he sighed. He couldn't even hold his head up any more. "Was that ok?"

The last reserves of Ken's strength were used to right the pair on the bed, "Omi... That was unbelievable."

The younger boy looked up at Ken. He was still panting when he said, "You're not just saying that?"

Ken leaned down, his mouth so close to Omi's that he could nearly taste the sweetness of the boy's breath, "Would I lie to you, Omi?" He smiled and nuzzled the blond boy's hair carefully, "I don't think anything could equal that... ever."

Omi still had his doubts. "Will... will it ever happen again, Ken?" Omi knew he would die if Ken said no, but what if it was just the mission?

"Do you want it to?"

Omi looked stunned. "Of course!" he blurted without thinking.

Rolling onto his back, Ken pulled the dazed boy with him, "I was hoping you'd say that." He pressed his lips to Omi's temple, "That was the most intense experience I've ever had... I didn't hurt you, did I?"

The younger boy shook his head. "I may not walk properly for a while, but hurt is not what it was, Ken. It was... is it like that for everyone? Because it's a wonder anyone gets any work done if sex is that good!"

Ken chuckled, "No wonder Yohji daydreams all the time..." He cuddled Omi against his chest with a slight smile still lingering on his lips, "Next time, I want to see the look on your face when you come... I want to see how much you enjoy it."

"Next time..." sighed Omi. "I hope it's soon."

The older assassin nearly purred in his ear, "If I have anything to say about it... It will be."

Omi snuggled into Ken's arms. "I wish we didn't have to get up."

"I know," the dark haired youth said softly, "It feels good holding you like this... But, we have a job to finish." He sighed, "We really should get back to work... Much as I hate to say it, I'm feeling as lazy as Yohji on a Sunday morning."

Omi giggled. "You're funny, Ken! But yes, we'd better get up..." He sat up gingerly, wincing. "I need more practice at this."

"I'm sorry," Ken said as he rose as well, "I guess it was bad timing... We could have waited until the mission was over." He started to pull their clothes towards him, handing Omi his garb for the night, "Well, I'll need to go out to the parking lot before we get too far. That's where my gear is."

Omi nodded. "I think there's a back door. Be careful, Ken. I'll stay here till you get back. We need to stick together."

Dressing quickly, the older Weiss looked down at Omi when he finished, "Don't forget to reactivate your comm. I don't want to lose you around here..." Ken smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss, "I wish I had a picture of this, Omi. You have this dreamy look to your eyes..."

Omi blushed. "You make me feel that way, Ken." In fact, just looking at Ken almost made Omi hard once again. He had it bad.

The older Weiss trailed his fingers over the youth's cheek before leaving the room quietly, "I'll be back in a flash."

"I'll be waiting..."Omi replied. He finished getting dressed while he waited. He couldn't help but daydream about what he and Ken had just shared.

Continued in part 5