Title: Unleashed Hearts -- part 5
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Pairing: Ken X Omi, Yohji X Aya
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

Regular club security sucked. Ken was able to get to his bike and back into the room without a hitch. He carried a heavy backpack in with him and set it on the bed with a smile, "I've got something for you in here..."

Omi turned as Ken returned. "What?" he said eagerly.

Opening the bag, he pulled out Omi's crossbow, "Thought you might feel naked without this." He followed it up with a bandolier of throwing darts, "And these..."

Omi grinned. "Thanks Ken!" He took his weapons happily. He felt like himself again.

Drawing out his gauntlet, Ken set it on the bed next to the bag and pulled out his 'work' clothes. After that came Omi's dark garb, "Here... You might want to get out of that miserable excuse for clothes."

"I thought you liked me in these clothes," Omi whispered in Ken's ear.

Ken gave him a naughty grin, "I like you better without them."

Omi fought back a moan and another twinge of arousal. He couldn't afford to be distracted now. "What's our plan?"

The older assassin started to change clothes, "He'll have to leave the main floor to conduct business. Hit him when he goes to his office?"

"Sounds good," Omi murmured as he watched Ken change clothes. Then he pulled off his own shirt.

Ken couldn't help but steal glances at his young lover, "I dare you to wear the gloves with that." He wasn't going to say it to Omi yet, but he thought the long sleeves looked perfect on the boy.

Omi grinned. "I can't resist a dare." He left the gloves on but changed the rest of his clothing. "I think you have a thing for them, Ken. Yohji was right."

The older youth tied his sweatshirt around his waist, "I'm never telling." He reached over Omi to grab his bagnucks off the bed and slip it on over his arm. The leather and steel was a heavy reminder of what they were about to do, "It's showtime..."

Omi stood up. "I'm ready, Ken. Let's go."

They slipped out into the hall, silent as shadows, eyes wary for the meager security that the club boasted. Ken looked at his partner, "By the way, security doesn't rate jack shit around here."

"I noticed," Omi shot back. Then he stopped. "I hear someone coming!"

Ken ducked into a darkened doorway, the former occupants long gone, "Get out of sight..."

Omi concealed himself across the way. They waited; the voices grew louder. They heard a definite cry of pain.

"Little whore! How dare you steal from me," Matsuro's voice echoed from up the hall. He came around the corner, dragging a youth behind him, "You're going to learn just what it means to be a thief around here..."

Omi recognized the teen as the one who had warned him about Giovanni earlier.

Omi watched as Matsuro pushed the boy hard against the wall. The boy cried out. Omi clenched his fist on his weapon and caught Ken's eye.

The dark haired assassin gave a quick nod and mouthed, "Do it." Even as his lips moved, he was coming out of his hiding spot, ready to finish the mission should Omi's crossbow not be enough.

Omi set his weapon, sighted and fired as he stepped out of the alcove. He didn't miss. Matsuro went down silently, and the boy looked up in shock.

"Go," Omi commanded. "Leave now."

Quickly, the boy turned and fled down the hall, his hurried steps taking him to the back exit of the club.

Kneeling down, Ken made damn sure the man was dead, "One hit, one kill." His fingers pressed against the side of Matsuro's neck for a pulse that now wasn't there. He looked up at Omi and nodded, "Ready to go home? To get all this death off our clothes and out of our hair?"

"I'm more than ready, Ken," Omi replied, stepping over the piece of filth he had just removed from the world. "Let's get out of here."

"Get out of my head first..."

Ken shoved the door open, ignoring the tangle on the couch that was made up of Aya and Yohji, and headed up the stairs. He was already stripping off his gear, throwing clothes over his shoulder as he made his way down the hall to his room. It just so happened to be closer than Omi's, he realized with a start, so he simply waited for the younger assassin to come into view.

Aya looked up at Omi as he trailed behind. "How was the mission?"

Omi couldn't hold back a blush. "Successful," he said shortly, and headed quickly for the stairs.

Aya looked at Yohji and grinned.

"Guess they figured it out, huh," Yohji whispered as he resumed nibbling on Aya's ear.

Aya moaned and rocked against Yohji. "Looks that way..."

Omi went up the stairs slowly. He hoped that things wouldn't go back to how they were now that the mission was over. He couldn't help his insecurities. Then he saw Ken standing in the hallway waiting for him, half his clothes off already. "Ken?"

A smile graced Ken's mouth, "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to shower with me?" The question was a little unsure, as if he thought he might get shot down cold.

A smile dawned on Omi's face. "I'd love to, Ken..." He stepped forward, stood on his tiptoes and kissed the older boy.

Ken's arms were around him instantly, crushing him to the muscular chest, holding him there as the dark haired assassin took over control of the kiss. His tongue delved between Omi's lips, lapping at the youth's, flicking at it teasingly. With a moan, Ken lifted the slight blond and carried him into his bedroom. Inside, he kicked the door shut behind him and decided on a more leisurely pace, exploring the depths of Omi's mouth slowly.

Yohji's head came up at the slam, "Think I should tell them we already used up most of the hot water?"

Aya murmured, "I doubt they'll notice."

Omi was hard again, just from the kiss, and the strength of Ken's arms around him. He pulled back, gasping. "Ken... I...." He wanted to tell the other assassin that he thought he was falling in love. But he wasn't sure how it would be received.

"What is it, Omi?" Ken didn't release the youth from his arms after the kiss ended, choosing instead to hold Omi close, "You can talk to me."

Omi looked down, unsure. "I... think I'm falling for you, Ken."

A gentle hand lifted his chin back up so that he had to meet the taller teen's gaze, "It has to happen sometime, Omi..." Ken quickly sifted through his own emotions, thinking of the way things had been in the last few days. For once, the answer of his own heart was easily found. He leaned in and gave a chaste kiss to the youth's lips, "You might not be the only one falling, Omi."

Omi looked into Ken's warm brown eyes and decided this was where he wanted to be. He kissed Ken back, less chastely, then pulled back and said, "You mentioned a shower?"

"Oh, yeah... I want to get the smell of liquor off me. I don't think it adds to my bedroom appeal," Ken grinned.

"You're the sexiest man I've ever seen, no matter what, Ken," Omi replied truthfully.

Ken's grin only got wider, "You need to get out more." His chuckle continued as he went to the bathroom and started the shower. In a few efficient movements, he undressed himself fully and then let his smoldering azure gaze rest on Omi, "What are you waiting for?"

Omi's eyes swept over the chiseled body of the soccer player. "Just enjoying the view," he smirked, and started to strip.

"The view doesn't change," Ken grinned before looking down at his rapidly swelling erection, "Well, not much, anyway."

"I like the change," Omi smiled, wiggling out of his pants.

Ken shook his head, "You know, the water's going to get cold before we get in there." He decided not to wait any more and just got into the shower stall, "Leave the gloves on when you come in, though..." The athlete smirked to himself. Omi would know he was right about Ken and the sleeves.

Omi grinned and complied. He would have to thank Yohji later. He stepped under the water. It felt incredible, and soothing and perfect. He reached for the shampoo, but found Ken's hand in the way.

Taking the bottle, Ken squirted some of the gel onto his palm and then started running his hands through Omi's golden hair. He smiled before leaning down to plant a kiss on the younger boy's mouth. After a few minutes, his hands slid down, trailing suds to Omi's cheeks as he held the innocent face between his palms and ran his tongue over the boy's bottom lip.

Omi gasped and opened his mouth. He had never thought a shower would feel so good. His body ached for Ken. He moved his hips forward so his soap slick erection rubbed against Ken.

Gently, one of Ken's hands moved lower, wrapping around the swollen arousal and pulling on it minutely. Slowly, he broke the kiss and ran his mouth down one of the long sleeves. His eyes never left Omi's, though, as he turned the hand over and gave a light nip to the covered wrist, "These gloves... Good God..."

Gasping, Omi thrust into Ken's hand helplessly. It turned him on even more to see how the gloves affected the other boy. "Ken... god..."

A moment of clarity hit the older assassin, "Omi... Are you sure you're not sore from earlier?" He wouldn't cause his young lover discomfort if he could help it.

"I... don't think so..." Omi hadn't thought of that.

Ken let one hand flow down the smaller youth's back, over his taut ass, and cautiously dipped a finger into the cleft, "Does this hurt?"

Omi winced. "A little... but... I want to, so much, Ken!"

"Shhh... There's other things we can do," the older assassin whispered in his ear. "Remember the club?" He brought his fingers up, brushing them over Omi's face, "We could do that to each other at the same time..." Ken waited to see how his offer would be dealt with.

Omi whimpered at the thought of what Ken was suggesting. "Oh yes... I 'd like that...."

The hand on his arousal was quickening, "Good." Ken leaned down and started licking up the side of Omi's water beaded neck, "I plan on taking care of this... very good care."

Omi moaned. "You'll have to... show me how...." He arched against Ken.

Pulling back his hands, the older assassin tilted his lover back, under the spray so that he could rinse away the suds. Ken's eyes stayed on the youth's face, "No problems there, Omi." He couldn't resist trailing one hand down each glove, "These things are fucking erotic..."

"I love the way you look at me, Ken," moaned Omi as the water ran over him like a caress. "It makes me feel... hot..."

The way the younger boy was moaning made his cock rise faster than anything else could. Ken decided that they needed to get out of the shower - IMMEDIATELY. Quickly, he cleaned himself off and finished bathing Omi, "Let's not waste any more time."

Omi wasn't arguing; he turned off the water and followed Ken out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and dried as quickly as possible. It wasn't easy; his cock was rock hard and Ken looked delicious.

Veteran of the after-game quick-dry, Ken was already by the bed in his room, waiting. He held out his hand to the blond boy, "You take too long..." His voice was teasing and husky, "If you don't hurry, I'll just have to get started without you, Omi."

"No you won't," replied Omi, smiling. He could see how much Ken wanted him and he wasn't about to refuse. "I'm here. Tell me what to do."

Ken stretched out on the bed, "Move over me." He held out one hand to the youth and smiled invitingly.

Omi crawled onto the bed, and did as he was told. Ken positioned him, and soon he was straddling the older youth's body, facing the other way, and was looking down at Ken's arousal. Omi knew what to do then. He dipped his head down and licked at the tip, tasting Ken for the first time.

A shuddering gasp rewarded him, "I think... you know what... to do now..." Ken tilted his head up and gave the youth's cock a slow lap from head to base, moaning at the sweet flavor of Omi's need.

"Oh god..." moaned Omi as Ken licked him. It wasn't going to be easy trying to concentrate on pleasuring Ken while the other boy was doing that... He wrapped one hand around Ken's cock and brought it to his lips.

Ken swirled his tongue over the tip, gathering the beads of clear liquid and savoring them, before taking the tip between his lips. The head was licked at, teased, before more was drawn in, to be suckled at with slowly increasing pressure.

Omi gasped; he'd never felt anything like this before. He lowered his head, taking in more of Ken's length, squeezing gently.

One strong hand moved up around Omi's ass, pulling him down so that Ken could get more of his cock. Carefully, he pressed his finger to the ring of muscle, hoping it wasn't too sore there for him to give a little added pleasure to his young lover.

Omi pushed back on Ken's finger, his cock pulsing from the added stimulation. Oh, the pressure felt good... He hoped he could last long enough. These new sensations were incredible. He started to bob his head up and down, following his mouth with his hand, trying to give Ken more pleasure.

Working his throat around the tip of Omi's erection, Ken could feel the tremors that went through the younger boy. To know that he was showing him these intense sensations was something that helped to drive the athlete closer to his completion. He held it back, though, wanting Omi to find his first.

Omi tried hard to concentrate on what he was doing as Ken drove him insane. He moaned around Ken's cock, slowing down as he got close to completion.

It was hard to keep his wits, Ken was starting to realize. Omi's mouth felt too good on him. When the boy slowed down, the older assassin decided to get his attention in a good way - by plunging his forefinger through the ring and using it to attack his prostate. He hoped it would be just what was needed... Slowing down had caused him to ease back from the edge.

Omi stiffened and almost screamed around Ken's cock as the boy touched him inside. He couldn't hold back any more; he climaxed in Ken's mouth, still stroking the other boy's cock as he pulsed, moaning.

Swallowing the offering, Ken helped him ride through the last surges before pulling his finger out. He released Omi's cock and smiled, moaning, "Omi... so good..."

Omi was still panting, but still managed to keep stroking. He worked his tongue around Ken's length with renewed enthusiasm, wanting to give the other boy as much pleasure as he had received. He needed to taste Ken.

"You tasted so sweet, Omi," Ken breathed, dropping one hand and sifting his fingers through the boy's blond hair. He closed his eyes, "I remember how you felt... at the club... hot and tight and so responsive..." Omi's mouth on his aching arousal was nothing short of sinful. Ken couldn't help it when his hips began to pitch up, regardless of how hard he fought to stop them.

Omi sped up, loving the sound of Ken's wanton voice, knowing that he was doing this for him, him alone. He moved his free hand down to caress the other boy's balls.

"I want to... to feel you again..." Ken's head was thrashing back and forth now, the touch to his heavy sac adding more to what he already felt, "I... I want to make you scream... my name, Omi..." It was starting to build so much faster now.

Omi moaned, his cock trying to twitch to life once again, as Ken reached his peak. He couldn't respond with words, so he squeezed gently and stroked faster.

That was all that was needed. Ken gave an inarticulate cry and arched his hips upwards, seeking to drive deeper into Omi's mouth as both his hands went into the boy's golden hair to hold him still. White hot need pulsed from him, spitting out from the tip of his cock, into Omi's sucking mouth. Ken was a mindless beast to the last spasms of his climax and dropped back to the bed with a loud, harsh moan, "God..."

Swallowing, Omi licked up every drop of Ken's nectar greedily, drinking in his cries at the same time. The feeling of giving Ken pleasure was almost as good as his own. To think he had this effect on the stoic boy... he wanted to do this over and over. Carefully, he moved off the other boy, and lay beside him. "Did you like that, Ken?" he said unnecessarily.

"Oh, yeah..." Ken wrapped his arms around the smaller youth, "Very much..."

Yohji broke off from kissing his redheaded lover, "Sounds like they got what they wanted... I guess this mission wasn't so hard for 'em after all..."

Aya grinned. "It sure sounded hard to me..."

"I don't think that was the mission we just heard, Aya," the green eyed assassin chuckled as he dipped his head lower, preparing for another kiss. "I think that was teenaged hormones at work upstairs..."

"It does give me ideas, though, Yohji...." The rest of Aya's words were drowned in another kiss.

Yohji broke the kiss momentarily, "Pervert."

"And proud of it!" Aya slid his hand lower, effectively ending the conversation.

The End